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  • Hi Amesz00,
    Looking at acquiring a 6ton 4x4 either Isuzu or Mitzi. I have always liked the Isuzu but the more i read about both the more confused i'm getting. I like the idea of being able to do power upgrades with the Mitzi & i like the reliability & interior fruit of the Isuzu.
    Can you help me with some of the pro's & con's of both if that is posable.

    um well i couldnt really call it completed, but it has progressed...
    last time we spoke i think i had the longer front springs, but stock rears just re-arced higher. well that didnt work very well as the shackles were standing up straight, made the rear very bouncy. now have new main and wrap leaf made up, 30mm longer on shackle end. made a surprising difference to the feel of the truck, lots better. still going for big shocks, havent gotten around to ordering/fitting them yet. also might be going airbag helpers on the rear.
    Hi there, was just wondering if you had completed your suspension upgrade as yet.
    I am interested to see how much difference it has made to the standard ride and what you did in the upgrade.
    Saw your vehicle in Esperance a couple of months ago. Just wondering if you have upgraded the suspension at all. I have a new twin cab fuso and have set up for camping. Have the 19.5 super singles on and was looking to improve the ride a little with a suspension updgrade. Do you have any suggestions?
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