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  • Good evening!

    I thought that they were pretty much impossible to get at this point, but I had to ask! I had a pair that I wore for years and absolutely LOVED! Someone stole them out of the back of my Defender in 2000 out in Colorado, and I have been just wearing the Scarpa SL's ever since. If you ever come across someone trying to unload a set of size 10 1/2, or 11's I will pay top dollar cash for them!

    Thanks again!

    OT-I am toying around with the idea of selling my loaded Moots rigormootis with an S&S coupled frame if you happen to know anyone interested in it as well. It is top-shelf across the board with a Rohloff hub out back to make the breakdown and storage for shipping a little easier. It was built custom for me, and I am 6'1" and around 240lbs...

    Thanks again!
    Negative. In '98 I bought two pair knowing they would be impossible to get. There hasn't been a US distributor in years. My second pair is still in the box. To be truthful, they're crazy over built and heavy as anvils, but they do hike nice. Sorry.
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