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  • I have the Old Man Emu springs with Bilstein shocks. It is their 2" lift but I have read that it is about 1 3/4 or just under. I bought it used but have been very happy. My Dad has the full 3" Rovertym, I think they are called RTE now, and it is a very nice kit, but is more expensive as it comes with springs, shocks, rear trailing arms. I have heard really mixed reviews on the Terrafirma stuff but I have never used it myself. My set up rides a little better on the road, but the RTE does not sag even when really loaded down. When fully loaded for camping my back end droops a little. It is not bad but the interesting thing is that the RTE has less sag but actually feels better over small potholes and things. I am very happy with mine and would go that way again. No drive line issues at all.
    I was looking through an old thread about your decision on your suspension on you LWB. I am making a similar decision soon. Did you go with the TF 2" Medium kit? If not, what did you go with and how do you like it? Thanks in advance!
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