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  • I have nothing to do with it anymore. Didn't agree with Shaun Ws style of doing things, criticized the forum one time too many and he banned me. No great loss, hadn't used it from about Nivember til Feb and dont miss it at all.

    Yeah the fab skills here are amazing, way beyond me. But makes for great reading. I live the detailed sharing and collaboration aspect of the forum. Just finished reading a great thread in the Jeep part. A guy had built himself an amazing hard top that is now in production. Amazing skills
    yea, Swan Hill was fine, actually the river heights ended up lower during the peak of the floods than it was just before christmas. I spent a couple of days sand bagging the levies, friends houses, and assisting in full gutting of one house in one of the most prone local areas. But it didn't even pose a threat to the levy. One of our coustomers from Benjeroop is still completly isolated.

    Expo has way too many people with talents way beyond my reach, have been lurking here for ages getting ideas for my camper.

    Dont go in to 4WDA much, honestly, too much bs with the members egos, and the IT staff etc. I went into the forum a couple of weeks ago and noticed that I had been taken of the moderators list due to lack of involvement I surpose. There has been some massive changes in that place, good or bad?
    Not too bad. You are up Swan Hill way aren't you, how'd you fare with the floods?

    Man this site is full of great reading and way too many ideas. Nice also to see it's full of adults as well. You still over at 4wdA much?
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