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  • Jason- No, not at this time. I would like to but I'm planning on doing the Hole in the Rock Trail and the guy I'm going with picked 5/16-5/18. Ace is going to meet me up near Comb Ridge right after the Expo for a couples of days if you have any extra time...
    Are you going to Expo? I know you're doing a Utah trip, but was wondering. I might make Expo this year as well.
    Man, that sounds lie a lot of fun. I'm afraid I will miss out on this one. We are in the process of building a new home and it has consumed most of my time at the moment. Once we get this done, I will have some time open up. Keep me posted. We will do trip in the near future. Promise.
    Not yet. I really haven't had the time to even think about it, as I've been so busy with work. Where are you going this summer?
    Thanks Jeremy, things are good here,, hope to see ya soon Brother,, yell if you are coming into Nor-Cal!
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