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  • Thanks for Expo this year, it was my first time and I'm so glad I went, camping in the NF nearby with the dogs in the snow. I had fun. I'll be back. And thanks for your offer of being back-up with my old Land Rover. I ended up keeping it at home because of some steering issues but after talking to various folks at the Expo, I know what to tackle now.
    Take care, Sarah
    Any dates yet for Expo West 2015? I'm trying to get my vacation time scheduled for the upcoming year.
    As one of the moderators of the Mitsubishi Heavy Truck forum could you please explain why my posts take several days to appear ?

    Good morning. Obviously we don't know each other, but we picked up our new FWC about the same time last year and I've been following your posts with interest because I think they're balanced. Did I read one time you also post under the name FOY or am I confusing you with someone else? Anyway thanks for you insight.

    You may want to delete the thread "Bill Gates ten..." in the Completed Adventures and Events section. It looks like spam and is loaded with links.
    Hey Jonathan, I promised to let you know when Andrea and I were getting married and, true to my word, I am. We are planning on Oct 15, 2011!
    Don't worry found it in the International section, funny that, as we have the longest ungaurded border in the world, biggest trade partners, and we're "International" must be cause we're your largest supplier of oil and gas to the US, so we're thought of sort of like an Araba country.
    Morning - I sse the "regional expo chapters" layout was changed up and the Canadian sites were removed. Just wondering whats up? Warren
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