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  • The GXV (I think that's what it is) is made in Nixa, you may see one but not often. Most everything around are mall crawlers I think. I have a Forester and an F150 and a Transalp dual sport bike. Thinking of turning my utility trailer into something. But I have lots of stuff to do first, LOL. Have a good one!
    Yes, there are tunnels or man made underground storage facilities, the one at 65 and 60 highways are within walking distance. As I mentioned, I was talking about the old storm drains and there are also basement passages at Mercy (St. John's) hospital. HAve a good one! :)
    Grew up in Springfield and still here, I also stay at TableRock. Yes, many of the old storm drains about 5' high and 8' wide use to flow to Jordan Creek and into Wilson Creek, and out to the James, all that was redone 25 to 30 years ago, walled off and redirected with pipe. The old "tunnels" are still there if ya know where the access points were, just blocked now with a thin concrete wall. Anyway, forgot what the thread was about...
    Take care man and have a good one!
    Hey men i saw your post on the homemade roof racks, i have a silverado and i want to bolt my roof basket cuz its stitting on some cheap roof racks i bought and i feel like its gonna go flying next time i stop, what i was wondering if you can help me on how to remove the inner roof cover, how di you do it are there any screws or anything i should worry
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