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  • Hello Scott,
    I sent you a message last week and I'm not sure you were able to reply. I was having problems with my account.

    I was wondering if I could join you guys for the first 5 days of you trip. It sounds like a great bunch of good guys with lots of experience and never mind the stories. "I'm happiest on a dirt road heading away from pavement"

    My overland rig is an 08 JF Cruiser outfitted with a winch, 3 inch lift, MT-MT 33" tires, an AT Horizon trailer with matching tires/wheels equipped with a RTT, fridge, 10gl gas, 16gl of water, batteries and solar panels, when we go out we are self sufficient. ( Read the post about the radio, I can install one before the trip)

    I would be going solo, no specific plan when or where to bug out, it could be Saturday or Sunday, just when practical, you might get some last minute drop-outs and if we don't meet-up this time I understand and there will be other opportunities.

    Thank You
    Mynor C.
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