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  1. whith

    2021 Chevy Express - New Build, 285/70-17 Fitting?

    Good looking rig. It’s pretty standard and not a big deal to relief out that small inner fender. It’s just fiber glass and comes away easily with a Dremel or grinder of some sort then you should be set. You may also need to carve out a little from the body mount that is right right back there as...
  2. whith

    Quigley Duramax Sportsmobiles

    Of course! RandallDee, my brother in law may be selling his. If you’re looking PM me and I can put you in touch with him.
  3. whith

    Quigley Duramax Sportsmobiles

    GM Duramax vans get the 6L90 transmission, or at least started to once they went away from the 4L80 which was I think around the time they went to the newer LML based LGH engine code. The downside of this is yes, that motor then got more emissions equipment added to it so you could look and see...
  4. whith

    cross-shopping high top installers...

    Wasatch installs Tufports I believe. Haven’t heard about the outfit in Wa state but would be interested to.
  5. whith

    Are the Biggest Tires Possible Worth it on a Van?

    The theory would be that the body lift would allow for clearance for larger tires, but if that is the cost for it and obviously if it doesn't allow for more tire clearance then....
  6. whith

    Are the Biggest Tires Possible Worth it on a Van?

    Have you looked into a body lift for some extra clearance? My understanding is that Ford is doing a body lift from the factory on the new Transit Trails so should be doable in some capacity.
  7. whith

    Proper Pitman Arm for 2000 Ford E350 Quigley

    Quigley has always been great about sharing part numbers and sending me the diagrams etc. They may upcharge a lot on some parts direct from them but they’ve never held me captive so to speak and I’ve gotten a lot of parts when need much as you did.
  8. whith

    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    I like bottle jacks. I have a think a 4 ton bottle jack from the local farm and ranch store along with fittings for the top of it from Safe Jack that can cup and hold the frame or axles as well an extension.
  9. whith

    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Inspiring work so far, keep it up!
  10. whith

    Purchasing a van, looking for advice

    Sorry, I missed this somehow? Yep you could get the Duramax up until 2016 but they are hard to find. Its an excellent engine that has only needed oil changes in the the 120K miles I've put on it. Oh it did need a fan clutch awhile back. Its very quite, more quite than the gas ones actually...
  11. whith

    Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana RWD Van Info thread (All years / 1500, 2500, 3500)

    I have done this in mine with Astro seats for the second and third row. I just bolted the tops of the Astro seats to the Express bottoms. Super easy.
  12. whith

    Spindle source

    Very interesting. Never heard of them. I'll likely look into what they have for mine as well.
  13. whith

    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Real nice. Thinking about doing something similar for my Express. Just have a tiny but of rubbing on the slider.
  14. whith

    Quigley LIFS

    Oh and check the joints on your control arms and tie rods. When those get worn and loose it can certainly result in a loose, wandering feeling.
  15. whith

    Quigley LIFS

    I think you can remedy that. Start with new shocks and then Id also look into new front bump stops. They are pretty inexpensive and can make a difference as they are a more active part of the front suspension than most realize In these. I’d recommend sumo springs. Next would be the rear...
  16. whith

    Quigley LIFS

    i would consider a shock upgrade before doing something that drastic. They can be made to ride really well in my opinion with the right shocks and yes, a custom leaf pack in the rear does wonders. Can you describe what you don’t like about the ride a little bit more?
  17. whith

    Wheels for newer GMC Savana or Express? OEM options?

    Dunno about that but most Explorer conversions I've seen have a custom wheel that isn't GM but the bolt pattern is the same. Should probably clarify for this thread, do you have a 4x4 conversion or are you 2wd?
  18. whith

    Wheels for newer GMC Savana or Express? OEM options?

    Factory GM 8 bolt pattern for vans is 8x6.5