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  1. mep1811

    Symmetry Trailers unable to remedy, please help…dangerous Timbren suspension issues

    The Timbren has a grease fitting at the swing arm that needs to be serviced before each trip. Just something to add. Some installers don't lube that fitting up .
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    Autohome Air-Sky 360 Disappointment

    Wow things must have changed. I always had issues with Autohome in the past . Good to know that it seems not be an issue anymore.
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    Dometic PLB40 Alternative?

    Another option is the Ark Pak . You use your own battery.
  4. mep1811

    Dometic PLB40 Alternative?

    100 AH Lithium battery Cig plug, USB plugs and pigtail for DC-DC /Solar charger. I also installed external terminals to charge and also attach an inverter if needed.
  5. mep1811

    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    I found out, besides greasing the wheel bearings every year/12,000 miles, there is a grease fitting to lube the swing arm. During my inspection, I found out I was missing a bolt on one side.
  6. mep1811

    Dometic PLB40 Alternative?

    I've built battery power supplies using this box. Lots of room to add cig and USB ports.
  7. mep1811

    Dometic PLB40 Alternative?

    These are some pre-wired battery boxes.
  8. mep1811

    DustBox - dust mitigation device - positive pressure system

    How does it filter the air that it's pumping into the trailer?
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    Dometic PLB40 Alternative?

    Just get a battery , stick it in the Marine box add whatever connectors, plugs you need and you're good to go for much less than a pre-made battery pack.
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    Looking for a replacement for the sagging ceiling net - Autohome Columbus

    Amazon has all sorts of roof nets. Just do a search.
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    The truth that people are scared of admitting is that Mexico is a Narco State and has been for over 20 years. There are very few good guys but mostly bad guys and that includes the military and the police. Along with the lawlessness associated the Narco state are criminal non drug-related...
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    Offroad jacks... really?

    I carry two bottle jacks, 60 High Lift, cribbing blocks. I have found to change a blown out tire requires two jacks.
  14. mep1811

    Offroad jacks... really?

    Get a 60 inch High Lift
  15. mep1811

    Better vehicle external cameras? What is good these days in the aftermarket?

    You can use this front and back paired with the right Garmin GPS
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    Better Bivvy sacks/tents?

    I've slept well in the military bivy sack. It is, like all, not designed for luxury camping. Gortex and wind proof. It will keep the dew off but in a storm will be a horror.