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  1. Don_TLR


    Yes like Hoodlum, I'm curious about the fly setup, nice rig!
  2. Don_TLR

    Down2Mob 2020 Jeep Gladiator For Sale - One of a Kind Custom Composite Flatbed Pop Top Camper with Dana 60's and 40" tires

    Saw it at the expo but didn't see anyone around so no peeking in, a sweet Jeep for sure.
  3. Don_TLR

    *PRICE REDUCED* 2021 EarthCruiser FX with less than 9500 miles - SOLD!

    Cool color for this basically brand new rig! GLWS
  4. Don_TLR

    EarthCruiser Closing Doors

    I had been working with sales previously so emails were sent out prior to listing it on the website. Its like new and couldn't be happier except for this news but hopefully someone can step in a keep the company producing great vehicles.
  5. Don_TLR

    EarthCruiser Closing Doors

    Im sad to hear this since I just flew up to Bend and drove #84 EXP home the first week of April. There are so many nice and knowledgable people there and hope they can continue in some form There were a few builds mid stage going on, maybe they were able to finish those. I freaking love this...
  6. Don_TLR

    2021 Earthcruiser EXP for sales on consignment in Bend, OR

    Sorry to hear about health problems causing the sale. We will take very good care of it!!!
  7. Don_TLR

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Thanks for the heads up, but Unfortunately sold out so I guess I won't be attending..
  8. Don_TLR

    2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon Hardrock; Ursa Minor J30 Camper Top, GooseGear, 37s, etc--SOLD!

    Damn nice jeep and should go fast with this well documented for sale ad. I like the headrest safe, never seen one of those before.
  9. Don_TLR

    SOLD * Tembo Tusk skottle w/ rolling case $200 (OBO)

    We could make a trip north,, when you say modified legs, are they adjustable back to normal height? We're down in AJ and always welcome an excuse to the cooler/high country. Thanks Don
  10. Don_TLR

    Jeep JK overlanding setup for sale - Ursa Minor J180 + fridge, stove, shower, toilet etc

    Im interested in the fridge slide stove combo if you're interested in splitting up items.
  11. Don_TLR

    Looking for a Ursa Minor

    Check out the Ursa Minor group and facebook, they pop up for sale occasionally.
  12. Don_TLR

    WTB Fridge Combo Slide

    Thanks for that tip, that can be useful on shopping flea market deals!!!!
  13. Don_TLR

    WTB Fridge Combo Slide

    Thanks but looking for deal on both that someone might have sitting around,, here's to hoping :giggle:
  14. Don_TLR

    WTB Fridge Combo Slide

    I had a slide but I included it with my jeep that I recently sold that was set up for overloading. So I need a new one around the phoenix area if possible or willing to drive a bit. TIA
  15. Don_TLR

    SOLD Ursa Minor JKU Wrangler Sahara For Sale, Oregon

    Nice clean jeep, There is a facebook group for Ursa Minor and a good place to post as well. GLWS
  16. Don_TLR

    2018 Earth Cruiser EXP

    Nice they gave you a whole new engine vs a repair. When are you exception your Terranova?