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  1. GHI

    Winnebago EKKO

    I have 3/4 of my 4 person-1 dog family saying the Ekko 23B Mercedes is the one. The kids are loving it thinking we can do ski trips too. That garage is my jam. My wife wants the space of a Class A in a Class C so she's not loving it. The rest of us are ok living out of it, not in it. I wish...
  2. GHI

    Ex–Jimmy Buffett 2004 Ford E-350 Sportsmobile 6.0L Power Stroke 4×4 on BAT

    Yep. I think the white one was the west coast van and "Green Tomato" was the east coast van.
  3. GHI

    Cotton Clothing?

    I was a huge fan of the Darn Tough socks when I first got them. They were stink free for a few days without washing and just felt like the perfect match with my Danner Mountain Light II hiking boots. I only wear socks when hiking or if there's more than half inch of snow. Otherwise I'm...
  4. GHI


    Family of 4 here currently traveling through Central America in a rental. Stopped at a tourist attraction the other day to watch some crocodiles under a bridge. It took exactly 12 minutes from parking until the attempt break in of my vehicle. The 40 yr old male who offered to watch our...
  5. GHI

    About to pull the trigger on an Xpedition voyager, any real competition I’m missing?

    You should confine your attempts at humor to your own threads. It's getting old. You aren't as funny as you think.
  6. GHI

    SOLD - 2002 Roadtrek 190 Versatile - $33,500 OBO

    Good lookin van. Love this layout.
  7. GHI

    F-350 4WD Tiger Camper, SOLD

    Can we ask how you handled the final sale. I'm sure you had 15 or so offers. Did you do a Zoom call with all the bidders ?
  8. GHI


    If you can get me a ride-a-long with George Donner I will be sure to reach out for assistance with my next vehicle purchase. I'm willing to pay a retainer via green dot Walmart money cards. I trust you have my best interest at heart.
  9. GHI

    SURPRISED no one offers a box truck moto van camper like this.

    Anyone care to speculate on pricing for that Toro Bravo?
  10. GHI

    FJ40 drum brakes kicking my ass!

    Yesssssss. I love MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Tracks Never got stuck again after I got them. No seriously though. Did you get it sorted and what was the fix? Help out the next guy looking for an answer.
  11. GHI

    For Sale: Overkill Campers S.O. 5.10 Pop Top Camper - Bend, OR

    Click on or hover your mouse over their screen name. They were here about 2 months with only the 1 for sale post. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response.
  12. GHI

    Anyone done a Cargo Trailer to Cold Weather Toy Hauler conversion?

    Have you checked out the offerings by inTech RV? Specifically, the Discover starting at $28k or the Forge starting at $37k which also comes with a wet bath/shower.
  13. GHI

    Winnebago EKKO

    Was this layout the one with the seats that face each other. Did you sit in them? My kids wouldn't be able to do the floor plan with the seats right next to each other. It would be constant bickering if they accidentally touched elbows or something.
  14. GHI

    badm0t0rfinger's 2014 Raptor build

    Too funny. Reminds me of my 5'7 self trying to keep a KLR 650 upright in the sand.
  15. GHI

    Motorbike Overlanding vs 4 Wheels...

    I get your nostalgia. Enjoy being able to bring a bigger tent with that sidecar. Dang. Does anyone make an attachable tent for your future set up. I’m thinking big rap around umbrella awning.
  16. GHI

    Motorbike Overlanding vs 4 Wheels...

    I applaud the guys and gals who can do thousands of miles on 2 wheels. I just can't do the cold wet rain for days at a time anymore. No problem getting soaked if I have a home on 4 wheels to come back to and dry out.
  17. GHI

    I Found it in the Woods

    I buried an ammo can of 5.56 on more than one occasion because I was so tired of shooting and didn't want to clean my rifle again. Some of you may know what I'm talking about.
  18. GHI

    Don’t be this guy

    I bought Max Trax after this.
  19. GHI

    EV acceptance is peaking

    I'm not really following the banter here because I'm not interested in an EV until it's mandatory. I'm just checking in to say this video is freaking hilarious.
  20. GHI

    Are there no side by sides discussed here?

    West Virginia, Kentucky and lots of Tennessee have you covered if you want to rip roar it up in the mountains. I'm a big fan of the atv, sxs and dirt bikes. So much fun.