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  1. Cummins_expo

    Type 2 Ambulance Crew Bench Removal

    You might been a prybar- mine was glued down along with bolts through the back to a thick plate for the seatbelts
  2. Cummins_expo

    Importing a Crew Cab Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4x4

    I couldn't tell you as I have limited knowledge of these. I would call JDM Offroad in Everette WA.- Brian is the man in Canters and Importing them from Japan. He also maintains a few canters in stock- Tell him Jim 365Camper sent you if you do
  3. Cummins_expo

    Ambulance conversion advice

    I can't chime in on the smog laws of CA- There seems to be a fair amount of Ambos in CA so perhaps it skates past a bunch of stuff if used as an RV. If you use Facebook join the Overland Ambulance Group. You would benefit from finishing and enjoying the rig. The market is soft on rigs...
  4. Cummins_expo

    For Sale: Mitsubishi Fuso FE-125 , Only 14,285 miles, solar panels, bed, propane cook top

    Its still a great platform - I wouldn't say you won't find a buyer here. Just a much smaller group
  5. Cummins_expo

    For Sale: Mitsubishi Fuso FE-125 , Only 14,285 miles, solar panels, bed, propane cook top

    I think you have the wrong audience- Unless I missed the detail is this rig 4x4? Most of your buyers on this page are looking for 4x4 or AWD. You would probably have better luck on the Box truck conversion group on FB or FB marketplace in general.
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    Slow Road from Az to N Id, indirectly…

    This got bummed for me as well - Enjoyed reading and viewing the photos
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    URGENT - RV solar panels and sky light (rooftop window)

    What kind of RV- can you post any pictures? If it's a standard RV a competent RV repair shop should be able to help you out. If it's more of a composite overland build that will change your options some
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    Truma Combi 4 Propane Combination Water Boiler and Furnace Heater Now Available

    Made in Colorado option- We have installed a Diesel/ Propane Units so far
  9. Cummins_expo

    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    Maybe the Eco has come along way but my 1500 Ram with the ECO ended up becoming a money pit. Beautiful for the first 40k miles then seemed to need something repaired every other month. Almost all of the issues related to the DEF system.
  10. Cummins_expo

    2019 Quigley - Chevy Express 3500 6.0L extended - Kinetic Blue - Low Miles - $70k

    Why my buddies nick named my van Milkshake - " my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"
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    7.3 Quigley 4x4 E350 - 25k miles Camper- Sold

    When you have 2 low mile vans you have to decide which one to keep- Posting this on expo first and will post elsewhere after the holidays. Prescott AZ- Sold 2002 E350 Extended Body Quigley 4x4 7.3 Diesel with 25,552k miles - I know the word Unicorn gets used a lot but to the Ford E-series...
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    Mains-capable ACDCDC charger?

    All in one systems do not necessarily go down if one function isn't operating properly. That feature may no longer function but the other features still operate. Space would be the number one reason for an all in one system, or if end used wants to simplify installation and ability to...
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    Mains-capable ACDCDC charger?

    Save this product- ( Kisae UC1240 charger new release) I have used their other products for years, Somebody in a chat group saw the demo of this unit at CES. Essentially an improvement on the AC1240 . It allows you to prioritize shore power to charge house and starter batteries. I have...
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    Welcome to the 10-year club

    10 years on Expo or 10 years same rig? Or 10 rigs later in my case lol
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    Recommendations for Offroad (4x4 or AWD) & High-top Camper?

    Sounds like your not dialed into your type of travel just yet. Can you try renting a couple of different rigs to see what you do and don't like? All platforms are a compromise, its just deciding what type of adventures do you get into most of the time. Truck and camper combos are the most...
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    *SOLD* 4WD 2002 Ford E350 7.3L Super Duty Ambulance Conversion to Camper (4 Season!)

    Awesome build- Did you make new slider panels ( cabinets) or cover the glass with something. Really makes it look great less operating room
  17. Cummins_expo

    Windows for a Fiberglass cab-over camper

    Keep the hatch- fur out the walls. Drop in an aluminum panel with a cut out for a window that fits with in the space. Now you have security hatches for travel and awnings for your window when open