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    Storage boxes for rear seat area of crew cabs
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    The Four wheel Pop Up I saw in french Camp has moved. It is still in French Camp but it's relocated a little farther from the county jail it's currently at Lat. 37.883891 - Lon. -121.274821. It looks so out of place in the homeless camp.
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    I saw a Four Wheel Pop up like this in a homeless camp near Stockton, Ca. I thought it was weird seeing such a nice camper in homeless camp. It was on the ground not in the pickup. It is just a block from the San Joaquin County jail. I can go by there again in the morning and try to get some...
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    Aux Fuel Tank Thoughts
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    Warning, little help?

    No sympathy here. Buy American
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    1964 F350 4x4 Camper

    The only down side I see is the 25 gal. fuel tank. I'll bet you'd be lucky to get 250 miles on a tank if that. Sweet ride though.
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    Vehicle 1st Aid Kit, what am I missing?

    You may want to add an emergency seat belt cutter/glass breaking tool. All the gear in the world won't help if you can't get in to help or get their seat belt off.
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    Advice on Nav and comms for Baja Trip I'm still researching this system but it looks promising to me.
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    Mexico - current situation 1-7-17

    I got a report from a local in San Felipe that they are out of gas. Diesel is available. Puretocitos has gas but limited to 200 pesos. Lots of stations out of fuel and they're owners are afraid to get deliveries in case government lowers prices with all the unrest and price protests. I would not...
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    Baja Trip - Laguna Salada, San Felipe, Erendira

    Awesome trip report. A word to the wise not to take the dry lake beds lightly down there. I've seen trucks venture off the well traveled sections and quickly sink up to the frame rails in caustic goo. The tow bills are insane not to mention the damage the salty, acidic mud does to the running...
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    Ford Vehicle Speed Sensors

    http:// Here's a good source for a speed sensor relocation kit if you have the need arise. I used one on my 94 Ford Bronco when I swaped the 8.8 for a 9" rear.
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    New must-have Dutch oven accessory?

    Looks pretty handy to me.
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    Need help with safest route

    Another option for the Tahoe to Portland route would be take Hwy 395 North out of Reno Nevada into eastern Oregon where you connect with Highway 20. Highway 20 west gets you to Bend Oregon. From there take Highway 97 to Madras where you can connect with Highway 26 which takes you into Portland...
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    Roof racks suck gas, but how much?

    When I run my Defender roof rack on my F350 super duty I'll lose 1-1.5 MPG. I attribute most of the drag on the 4 8" KC lights mounted across the front.
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    Home brewed rear bumpers w/ swing outs

    Here's a few pictures of the double swing I built for my crew cab. It holds a 35" spare and the basket holds two 11 gal. fuel dump cans for the race truck or four jerry cans. [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
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    Need a Dutch oven recipe

    My favorite Dutch oven meal is a prime rib roast packed with rock salt. Pour layer of rock salt in bottom of oven at least 1". Place roast on top of rock salt rib side down. Pour rock salt over roast until completely covered. Place lid on oven. Bake low and slow for 2 1/2-3 hrs. until meat temp...