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    Importing a Crew Cab Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4x4

    Just checked out the JDM Offroad website - curious to know who is making the custom 17" Canter rims for them.
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    Isuzu frame mounted water tanks

    If mounting to the chassis, could the tank be on a frame that is static mounted to the chassis at one end and gimbaled on the centreline of the tank at the other end (maybe a large heim/rose joint)? - essentially like a 3-point subframe is.
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    Hino 300 - obd2 reader

    Have a look at the FCAR F506 reader.
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    Mitsi Rosa tacho issue

    Didn't get round to it in the end, and my Dad reckons he drives by engine noise anyway, knows where the sweet spot is. We had other repairs to do anyway. It's the second time they have owned the bus - they sold it three years ago because they thought it was getting too big for them (they're in...
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    Mitsi Rosa tacho issue

    Back in the UK, after a forced extension of eight days due to the floods in Dubai. We were very spoilt with the ride quality of the Rosa with it's torsion bar independent front suspension - driving the Canter back from the storage facility was like driving a full concrete truck. It also...
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    Mitsi Rosa tacho issue

    Currently in NZ and have been getting about in my parent's Rosa motorhome. It's a 1997 with the 3.9l engine, and is for all intents and purposes a Canter chassis and engine. The tachometer randomly cuts on and off, possibly when going over bumps so there could be a dodgy connection somewhere...
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    Heavy Truck Recovery Thoughts?

    If you have the space, carry a tractor with you...
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    Unimog demand

    I had a look at their website - very high-end quality.
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    My Fuso4x4

    Do you know what weight loading TEJ have certified each wheel for (in kg)? I would be interested in buying a set of wheels. They are 17 x 10, correct? Do you know the offset (ET in mm)?
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    My Fuso4x4

    6500kg / 4 = 1650kg. -- but it is not that simple. I have already been through the certification process to convert to single rear wheels in the UK. The UK uses the same regulations as the EU, because trucks from UK travel through Europe and vise versa. Upon certification, a new weight plate...
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    Looking for opinions/comparisons of the various Japanese cabover 4x4s

    The distinct advantage of cabovers, and vans too, is the greater habitat length per wheelbase. To get anywhere near that, a single cab long bed F-series/Ram/et al is needed, and in Nth America they are probably a better choice given the huge workshop networks and aftermarket upgrade market there...
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    My Fuso4x4

    Interested. What is the EU/TUV/DOT certified load rating for each wheel (in kg)?
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    Fuel tank check valve

    The tank was definitely subjected to a vacuum implosion. Inspecting the breather valve showed it working (just), so I suspect there has been moisture in the valve which froze. I've installed a new alloy one. I found a custom tank builder, who luckily builds a number of tanks for certain...
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    My Fuso4x4

    If your Euro-spec Fuso is the same as mine, it probably does not have a low- range transfer case. If you are expecting to 4x4 in terrain where such a steep departure angle is necessary, then a Euro-spec Fuso is probably not the best choice for the base vehicle. 6500kg / 2 axles = 3250 kg. The...
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    My Fuso4x4

    Have you looked at the Woelcke company for layout ideas? - They have built many campers on the Fuso chassis, some on the 3415mm wheelbase.
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    My Fuso4x4

    That is Blissmobil's generic 13/15/17' layout, for vehicles such as MAN, Unimog etc that have a much higher rated front axle than the Fuso.
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    My Fuso4x4

    Surely your spare wheel only needs to be high enough to clear the departure angle? How many litres of fresh water, and where will the tank/s be placed? Remember that the front axle load limit is only 2800kg, so it is not good to have them too far forward - in cab-chassis form, there is already...
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    My FGB71 build

    @ Just my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (2020) phone, which can be pushed to 64MP. I gave up using cameras years ago, I find a good phone is all I need nowadays, and with the big screens that phones now have, I can edit and delete on the fly. The new Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G is 200MP, and way cheaper...
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    My FGB71 build

    Spent January in the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye...