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  1. Hopeless Diamond

    Huge price increase for GAIA Maps!

    I had gotten a notice in early April that they were increasing their Premium membership to $59.90. I use it quite a bit so I'll keep it, although under duress.
  2. Hopeless Diamond

    Offroad jacks... really?

    I'm planning on getting one. I have a 3rd Gen 4Runner with a typical ~3" lift. Bushings on the rear control arms were shot so I got after market control arms with Jonny-joints. Really increased the articulation. Problem is, my 48" Hi-Lift now won't lift a rear tire off the ground. Taco'd a...
  3. Hopeless Diamond

    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    It's got the added bonus of being self-bailing too. All the water that leaks in through the rusted roof drains itself out through the floor ;) Love seeing you keeping it original. Not a lot of them left in that condition (they are made out of compacted rust).
  4. Hopeless Diamond

    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Based on the looks of the 392 in my '75 D150 pick up, I'd say you got you a really clean engine ;) Both heads have some of the exhaust bolt "tabs" broken, just enough left to catch a nut and washer behind them. Fuel pump eccentric is shot, carb is questionable to say the least, seems to hit on 6...
  5. Hopeless Diamond

    2m HAM (Dual): Monitor two 2m frequencies?

    Here is one that I recently came across that looks interesting. Don't know anything about them but it does say you can have the same frequency range on both radios, i.e. VHF/VHF. You can also change the background color on the display for each radio. This would allow you to identify which...
  6. Hopeless Diamond

    2m HAM (Dual): Monitor two 2m frequencies?

    I set my Kenwood up this way. Very useful for long rallies where you would have a general frequency for the rally info/ etc, then a frequency for your traveling buddies. What I ended up having to do was use an external speaker for one of the transceivers. That way I could tell which frequency...
  7. Hopeless Diamond

    New Bronco

    and interestingly enough, it seems the Bronco world is a part of why trails are getting shut down. While not directly of course, but considering the Bronco Safari permit was denied for 2024, it's part of the problem. While rigs are getting more capable, the drivers aren't. "The Bronco Safari...
  8. Hopeless Diamond

    Northwest Overland Rally - Recap

    Always a great time there (the BC Rally is great too, albeit a little smaller). Ray and Marianne have done such a great job with these rally's over the years, always a great time. Shout out to the Overland Training Canada crew too. They are such a great resource, marshaling people of all...
  9. Hopeless Diamond

    Engine RPM consisent buzzing on 2M radio

    Spark plugs are different between the 2 vehicles. They made not be resister plugs. Could also be noise from the fuel injectors, the ferrite chokes will probably clean that up.
  10. Hopeless Diamond

    Hallmark Truck Camper Company files for bankruptcy

    Bummer. Wonder how many of the pandemic orders got cancelled and backed out on?
  11. Hopeless Diamond

    Gaia vs Onx

    Curious if anyone knows how OnX handles off-line maps? I've been struggling with Gaia and it's storage system. It won't let me move it to the SD card, and of course it filled up the internal storage. I did figure out how to go through and delete offline maps that I had stored (yes, way too...
  12. Hopeless Diamond

    Wavian vs Vevor Jerry Cans

    Cheaper for a reason? PSA - the Wavian plastic fuel nozzle doesn't like -30f. Still have a piece of it on our tank...
  13. Hopeless Diamond

    New Bronco

    Looks like a little brother of mine (had Ranger following too) (at the dealer for a roof leak right now:cry: )
  14. Hopeless Diamond

    Baja XL 2023?

    Yep, just to about the 1 month countdown. Just about finished with vehicle prep. Gotta get the horns out of storage...
  15. Hopeless Diamond

    Drive to Arctic Circle in “high miles” 4th Gen 4Runner

    A multitude of articles about travel along many of the Arctic access routes, both summer and winter, along with a few videos. They have been doing the Alcan 5000 since 1984, runs every 2 years, alternating between summer and winter. TSD rally so no high speed stuff (officially..). The last...
  16. Hopeless Diamond

    Drive to Arctic Circle in “high miles” 4th Gen 4Runner

    The only way you can drive to the Arctic Ocean is going up to Tuktoyaktuk in NW Territories, Canada. It's an all season road from Inuvik now so you'd be good to go. In AK you can drive to Deadhorse, and then I think there's tours that would take you up to the coast. Skagway if you're going to...
  17. Hopeless Diamond

    ORUX XML files converted into a KML Custom Map Source for Gaia?

    I've been meaning to look into the same thing. Have the same Orux maps as you, and would much rather use them on Gaia. I did go through and download the NatGeo Baja and also the latest Mexican topography on Gaia , took a long time.
  18. Hopeless Diamond

    High mileage and trips

    FWIW, I have a '96 4Runner with 370k on the clock, original motor and tranny. We took it on the BajaXL in' 21, and will be taking it again in '23. Seattle to the tip of Baja and back. Doing maintanence stuff and planning on a new steering rack, that's the last part of the suspension that...
  19. Hopeless Diamond

    Self build facilities

    I would think most metropolitan areas would have at least one, if not many. How good they are is going to be a wild guess. Also keep in mind as they typically would cater to more car based enthusiasts, the lifts may not be big enough for a large heavy rig. I've used one here in the Seattle...