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  1. Walter Wheeler

    SOLD Trail Kitchens Camp Kitchen with Stove - San Francisco Bay Area

    Also interested if Cabrito passes, let me know.
  2. Walter Wheeler

    SOLD-Geyser System

    I have a NIB HOT water Geyser System for sale. It’s the one with an internal heater. I will also include an updated valve and two extra sponges. I have been using one off and on for the last couple of years and was keeping this as a spare but have had no issues with mine so no longer need...
  3. Walter Wheeler

    FS: Brand New Never Slept in...Eezi-Awn 1400 RTT Roof Top Tent

    Nice LX! Is that a full-size refrigerator on the back of your rig?
  4. Walter Wheeler

    SOLD - Pelican 1650 Protector case

    Interested in this, sending PM
  5. Walter Wheeler

    SOLD - Zodi Extreme Shower

    Hi Outsidecurtisp, I’m interested in this, just have a couple of questions. When you say “no tank included” do you mean the stainless steel tank or the propane tank? And also does it come with the bag. I couldn’t open the image. Thanks, Walter
  6. Walter Wheeler

    12v air conditioner for tent or van 95451

    Looks like price went up? on amazon, 12V Compact Refrigeration Cooling Systems Air Conditioning Systems with Miniature Rotary Compressor - for Electric Vehicle Chiller Water Dispenser Freezer Electronics Cooling Module DIY (12V,1.9cc)
  7. Walter Wheeler

    Staun Tire Deflators

    Is there a PSI range for these?
  8. Walter Wheeler

    Sold - Two Zodi Hot Vent HP Tent Heaters

    I don’t need one, but who needs two?
  9. Walter Wheeler

    Philips Go Zero UV Bottle and United by Blue Drink kit

    Cool, I’ll take it if no one has claimed it by PM.
  10. Walter Wheeler

    Philips Go Zero UV Bottle and United by Blue Drink kit

    Anoop, How many ounces is the water bottle?
  11. Walter Wheeler


    Hey, curious if this is the soft or hard case one? ??
  12. Walter Wheeler

    SOLD: Tan Trasharoo, Bay Area $20

    Interested, I’m in the BayArea. Sending PM
  13. Walter Wheeler

    SOLD: Autohome Roof Top Tent Accessories - Winter Kit and Rain Covers

    Hi, I’m interested in the wings. I’m just checking to see if they fit my medium maggiolina 360. Sending PM
  14. Walter Wheeler

    **SOLD!** Three RTIC SS Insulated 1 Gallon Jugs: Brand New, Still-in-Box - $25ea, 3/$65 + shipping CONUS

    I also received mine today, this thing is sweeett!! Thanks for the deal roaddude!
  15. Walter Wheeler

    Flat Pit Grill

    Interested, sending PM
  16. Walter Wheeler

    Overland Book Collection Sale!

    Pm’ed for books 1&2. Overlanders handbook and Quiet for Tuesday.
  17. Walter Wheeler

    Bowfin Awning Brackets $55 shipped

    Interested, sending p.m.