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  1. SC4ws

    1996 Land Rover Discovery 1...ready to explore

    Nice Disco. How many miles on it currently?
  2. SC4ws

    Xventure XV2 trailer - Charlotte, NC

    Nice trailer. It looks well cared for. I don’t see the kitchen setup though. Maybe I missed it? Maybe it’s a piece separate from the trailer?
  3. SC4ws

    1999 Land Rover Discovery - Project Disco (re)Deux

    I did the BYO version last year with my Dad and father-in-law. We all had a good time. I use the swag coffee cup pretty regularly. As mentioned above, it’s good if you’re new to off-roading. You’ll learn driving techniques and vehicle capabilities that you may not have explored before. These...
  4. SC4ws

    1999 Land Rover Discovery - Project Disco (re)Deux

    With a Rover, we all live with that possibility. I take solace knowing that Raleigh wanted to come back. He didn’t abandon them by his own choice. Garrett, enjoy the name. I expect 3% in royalties as we follow along your with your build.
  5. SC4ws

    1999 Land Rover Discovery - Project Disco (re)Deux

    I’ve named my Rover “Sir Walter” after Walter Raleigh. British explorer who was key in colonizing the east coast, where I live. The color is also Buckingham blue, which fits since Raleigh was commissioned by and a close friend of the Queen. So there’s one possible path to take. My kids...
  6. SC4ws

    LR3 Shudder when Overtaking

    I checked the bearing for play, and there's about a 1/4" movement any direction or 1/2" total range of motion without pressing hard. Would you call that worn? I wouldn't say it's shot, but I don't know what they're like when new either.
  7. SC4ws

    LR3 Shudder when Overtaking

    Hey folks. It’s not often that I overtake anyone on the highway, but I could use some help diagnosing something funky with my LR3. When overtaking, I often get a shuddering/vibration that’s felt through the steering wheel. It happens in 3rd gear around 4-4.5k rpm (65-70 mph). It happens in auto...
  8. SC4ws

    Backroad Hunting Rig Build | L322 Range Rover

    Might consider adding some Latch points to secure the boy’s car seat to the roof. He seems to like it up there! I’ve added an attic and extra pouches on the doors of my L319. Kids require gadgets for entertaining, and this generation of Rovers is woefully under-equipped when it comes to...
  9. SC4ws

    New Defender News

    Do I spy 18” wheels?!
  10. SC4ws

    2018 Turtleback Getaway Trailer Sold

    How many miles/hours are on the trailer? What it’s history?
  11. SC4ws

    Price Drop on Maxtrax

    Is this a permanent price cut from the manufacturer or more of a promotion? I see they have a new “lite” version coming out. Perhaps they’re moving out inventory to make room for the new.
  12. SC4ws

    1999 Land Rover Discovery 2 - SOLD

    I really like this build. If only space and spare change would allow it!
  13. SC4ws

    08 LR3 fuel/fluid recommendations

    I use Amsoil products everywhere except the t-case and (locking) rear diff. LR seemS to have more particular requirements that Amsoil doesn’t have a product for in those two places. There, I use either genuine LR fluid or Rock Oil purchased from Atlantic British. For fuel, I typically run 87...
  14. SC4ws

    LR3 18” OEM wheels - set of 5

    SC. Understand the logistics makes it not very cost-effective. Just wanted you to know there’s someone interested. 😅
  15. SC4ws

    LR3 18” OEM wheels - set of 5

    I’m interested. The Michigan only pickup kills it for me though…
  16. SC4ws

    LR3 Start/Crank Irregularities

    166k miles. I don’t have records showing that it’s been replaced. Terminals should be good since I recently removed/reconnected them while doing some winch work. Always good to double-check though. Thanks for the tip. If it is the starter, I see that AB has a genuine solenoid only for $170...
  17. SC4ws

    LR3 Start/Crank Irregularities

    My 08 LR3 has had an irregular start/crank rhythm since I bought it in Feb. Sometimes it takes about a second to crank. Other times it takes up to 3 seconds. It has recently trended towards the longer cranking times. Is this a common issue? Wondering if others have similar experiences. Should I...
  18. SC4ws

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    My LR3 parked with the Land Rover Experience new Defender and RR full size at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC. The new D5 was out on a trail ride at the time, so I took the opportunity to pose for a second. The guys running the experience said Land Rovers are allowed to park pretty much wherever...
  19. SC4ws

    Overland Route - East Texas 450 Loop

    Another great report Chet! Although, I doubt I could convince my wife to go back into the east Texas forests after our last spider encounter. As they say, everything’s bigger…