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  1. jdavis

    No Start Fuel Issue

    I finally tracked down the no start issue. Ended up being a broken wire. When I would put 12v into the fuel pump plug, the corresponding pin at the relay would read 3v. Started tracing the wire and found this - The wire hanging down on the left goes...
  2. jdavis

    No Start Fuel Issue

    Have been dealing with a no-start issue with my Gen II - '95 SR. We were leading a trip up to go play in some snow when the engine just died and would not start. Ended pulling Monty to a safe spot and jumped into my girlfriend's built Land Cruiser. Enjoyed the day playing in the snow, then...
  3. jdavis

    Gen 2 replacement flare trim

    Have wanted to replace that trim for ever!! I like the black
  4. jdavis

    Baja XL 2021... Anyone else signed up?

    Who else is participating in the Baja XL next year? Anyone who participated in the last Baja XL, would love to hear about your experiences. What worked, What didn't, etc...
  5. jdavis

    PDX Gen 2 Body lift questions

    I've done the lift on my 1995 SR. It is pretty easy job. As you mention brake lines and fuel tank filler line are really the only issue. One of these day, I'll get around to lowering the radiator. Did have to tweak the lower hose a touch. And did trim the console a touch in order for the...
  6. jdavis

    Engine Refresh

    Hey guys!! Thanks for the responses!! They have helped me determine a plan to get the truck back on the trail. The engine was pulled this weekend. After putting it on a stand, reattaching the timing belt (after busting a couple knuckles aligning the cams .... grrrrr....) found the engine...
  7. jdavis

    Engine Refresh

    Some of you might know from FB that I slipped the timing belt on my 95 SR the weekend before last while playing at Tahuya ORV. Long story short, I have a great bunch of friends that gave up half of their Sunday to come tow my rig and 16 ft camper back to Seattle. Anyway dug into the engine and...
  8. jdavis

    Push Button Start

    Thanks for the responses guys. It's and equal opportunity issue - not more prevalent after driving a bit. On my last Montero, I had the same issue. Swapping the ignition switch did not solve problem. Still have the new switch laying around guess it's worth a shot. On old Montero, ended...
  9. jdavis

    Push Button Start

    Starting my Monty is becoming a crap a shoot. Hit the ignition key and maybe the engine will turn over or maybe it won't. I know the issue is with the key barrel going south and really don't want to replace it. Thinking about installing a push button start system that requires the key to be...
  10. jdavis

    Extended Brake lines with 2" coil spacers

    Heading to Canada, spending a week up a around Nelson, BC.
  11. jdavis

    Extended Brake lines with 2" coil spacers

    Ah, I'm in Seattle. Should be rolling through Wenatchee next Thursday pulling the heading to Canada....
  12. jdavis

    Extended Brake lines with 2" coil spacers

    Where are you in Washington state? Will lend a hand if close. ~ Jon
  13. jdavis

    Extended Brake lines with 2" coil spacers

    I ran the Daystar 2" coil spacers for 4 years on my last Gen II without extending the brakes lines without issue. I did not remove the swaybar though. If I'd done that prolly would of extended them. That said, the brake lines are prolly original - would not hurt to replace them. ~ Jon
  14. jdavis

    Extended Brake lines with 2" coil spacers

    Are you working on a Gen I or Gen II?
  15. jdavis

    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Starter Replacement

    Nice write up!! Thanks for posting. ~ Jon
  16. jdavis

    Anyone parting a Gen 2 or Gen 2.5?

    What parts are you looking for? ~ Jon
  17. jdavis

    My '98 Montero

    WOW good looking Monty!! Love the color. ~ Jon
  18. jdavis

    1995 Montero SR engine is your friend. Where are located? ~ Jon
  19. jdavis

    One of the best 1st Gens Ive ever seen.

    WOW!! That's a cool looking rig.... with a turbo, jealous.
  20. jdavis

    The Switch

    Agreed, I use FB, this and other sites for daily Montero fix. Mainly use 4x4wire site for research. Even then, I don't go to the site, just crawl the site via Google " Montero ______" ~ Jon