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  1. LRNAD90

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Payload is a Land Rover strong suit. A '95 NAS D90 has a 2,400+ lb payload capacity, a 2 door JL has what, a 1,000 lb capacity, 4 door even less? And that is significantly increased from the JK if I understand correctly?
  2. LRNAD90

    WTB - Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide (book)

    Well the Fifth Edition is only $199.. Damn, it blows my mind the value of some of the books on the shelf in my office..
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    Anyone have success using quality OEM-style internal TPMS sensors with aftermarket Chinese TPMS monitoring displays?

    Never pulled the trigger on any, but here are a couple threads of discussions from Land Rover Boards..
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    GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Here's hoping you report back on your experience. I've heard enough stories about Defender owners who's truck 'walked away' after being parked that I think I should be considering a similar system.
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    Gear like MaxTrax maybe cheaper in the long run than this alternative

    :confused: Uh, if you enjoy vehicle based, off highway travel and don't know the answer to that, not sure what to say..
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    Gear like MaxTrax maybe cheaper in the long run than this alternative

    You sound like a Sierra Club Member, makes me wonder why you are hanging out here..
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    US carmakers in panic mode?

    Funny how the 'Big Guy' criticized '45' for implementing tariffs against Chinese products, saying even a freshman econ student understood that the consumer pays them, not the Chinese, and now he is promoting them. Guess its a good thing for politicians that people's memory is so short.. Is...
  8. LRNAD90

    Would an Extra $5,000+ Make a Difference?

    Well that's easy, because it was carefully 'taught' for generations that the one removing the links had it's best interest in mind.. But yeah, lots of stupid dogs it seems, what can I say..
  9. LRNAD90

    Would an Extra $5,000+ Make a Difference?

    Sadly we seem to be on track to be there before you know it.. "A dog had his chain reduced a link at a time every few days...until his chain was so short he could barely move. He never resisted because he was conditioned to the loss of freedom gradually. He was left living the rest of his life...
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    Revealed: Range Rover EV

    I imagine this would be the culmination of Gerry McGovern's wet dreams.. :rolleyes:
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    2018 Conqueror UEV 390, $24k(REDUCED), Denver CO

    Nice looking set-up. However, I'm confused by the statement: "-33” off road tires, independent suspension, it’ll follow your vehicle anywhere" Photo posted sure looks like a leaf sprung beam axle?
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    2025 Toyota 4Runner - the teaser photos are starting

    Apparently someone at Forbes screwed the pooch and dropped an article before it's time. It was taken down, but not before it was reposted.. and
  13. LRNAD90

    Let’s see some POWER WAGONS!

    Love These Power Wagons, way out of my League, but way cool...
  14. LRNAD90

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T's - Anyone have any experience with them?

    Appreciate the response! (PS, is that a Rottie in you profile photo? Had a Rottie years ago, want another. Currently have a rescue that looks like a mini Rottie!)
  15. LRNAD90

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T's - Anyone have any experience with them?

    Worth putting into contention for the next tire swap? They seem pricey, more than BFG KM3's and GY Boulder MTs of the same size.. Curious if anyone has any personal experience with them? Are they worth the premium?
  16. LRNAD90

    Is this why JLR are dropping Land Rover?

    As many have said, they simply cater to a different market these days, and I guess had to make the shift in ideology to stay profitable. The vast majority of new owners I meet seem to have little interest or knowledge in the brand's heritage, it is just a luxury vehicle that is 'cool' to bee...
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    *SOLD* 2022 Jeep Gladiator Diesel Alucab Canopy Camper

    Wow, only 973 lbs before any modifications?!? I've always heard people complain about Jeeps having limited payload, but I would have expected the Gladiator to handle considerably more than that. The family X5 is rated to BOTH carry more and tow more..
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    List of all North American Rover Events?

    Rovers at Wintergreen - already past for this year, but also an annual event Sold out the Day after tickets went available :(
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    Casper & Outono - 2x 1998 Discovery 1 Builds

    Also not sure if you have seen the upgrade 'WDR' rear camera. Most reviews seem to indicate it is a huge step up in clarity, particularly at night, though no increase in resolution. However you do apparently need to replace the 'data' cable all the way back to the mirror...
  20. LRNAD90

    Casper & Outono - 2x 1998 Discovery 1 Builds

    Wolfbox has a permanent mount available, not sure if you were aware.. Also, are you using the direct wire harness, or the cigarette lighter plug...