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  1. tacollie

    Any 7.3 gasser owners?

    I get the Tundra sentiment. It felt a lot smaller than our F250 even though it wasn't. Probably because it was lighter. I spent as much money on the Tundra making it able to carry the weight as I spent on the F250 to make it eat up washboard. With the Carli stuff in the front I get way more...
  2. tacollie

    Any 7.3 gasser owners?

    I agree with all that. The 6.2 has adequate power but it's not particularly fast. It's pretty sensitive to octane. Our truck was a Texas truck. The original owner put 86k miles on it in under 2 years. In 3.5 years we've added 32k because we only use it to carry our camper.
  3. tacollie

    Any 7.3 gasser owners?

    Somebody has to buy new trucks so we have used trucks to buy🤣
  4. tacollie

    Camper and Truck Photos

    A couple from recent weekend trips to get out of town and ride mtbs.
  5. tacollie


    I hear the first cut is the deepest 🤷‍♀️
  6. tacollie

    KDSS Friend or Foe?

    3.5" it's a lot. You won't have much down travel. Can you adjust the Toytec to reduce height? I've run Toytec on a couple trucks because the ride was so good.
  7. tacollie

    R1T, that’s watts up. Our new beginning

    I'm sure you'll love it. My buddy has one and loves. He's had it off-road around southern Colorado and really enjoyed it. He has used it to tow his camper but range was problematic so he tent camps now. Less is better.
  8. tacollie

    KDSS Friend or Foe?

    This company makes a switch to disengage KDSS. If you remove it you will get more body roll. It'll also ride better. KDSS isn't great for rough roads at medium speed imo. But neither are sway bars🤣🤣
  9. tacollie

    Scout pop-up

    The price seems competitive with fwc. It's $16k less than the OEV 5.85 Back Country. I'm assuming the walls are similar construction to their hard side. I think I read somewhere go fast helped them with the tent section and roof. Just from what I've seen from Scout and having owned a FWC I...
  10. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    I read on another forum that a lot of the big tire chains have their own generic size chart they follow. It would explain the OPs experience. Being that I read it on the internet I'm sure we can all trust that it's true🤣
  11. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    Our F250 weighs a hair over 6500 with just me in it. Fully loaded with the wife, dog, camper, mtbs, and whatever other crap we have is 9560 with 4420 on the front axle and 5140 on the rear. That's about as heavy as we get. I'm assuming the OPs truck GVWR is 10600 so technically the 35x11.5...
  12. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    Moving up to 35s improved the ride of my F250 on and off road. They are quiet on the highway because I went with a modern AT. I did lose .5 mpgs. You can buy a brand new F250 with the exact same size tires that I have on my truck. You can even buy a brand new F150 with 35s. Also it isn't...
  13. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    They are 7.5". It's not uncommon to see 35x12.5 or even 37x12.5 on them. They mount fine. Some national chains won't mount them because they are outside of what the tire manufacturer recommends.
  14. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    It gets the 10r100 vs the 10r140. The 10r100 is stouter than the 10r80 in the F150. The 10r100 is supposedly better suited to the gas engine. It's essentially replaced the 6r100 in the '17+ 6.2 F250.
  15. tacollie

    Acela 4x4 Moab Project

    This the one?
  16. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    I don't feel like the suspension broke in ever. 35s at a lower pressure and Bilstein 5100 make a difference. That took my wife from "what it this POS you bought!?" to "Let's take your truck".
  17. tacollie

    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    It's rough unloaded. Running 35s and lowering the air pressure in the tires helps a lot. Some weight in the bed helps. I still love ours. We bought it to carry a camper and it excels at that. 1700lbs in the bed really difference the ride. Go test drive one. Even on road it's going to be a...
  18. tacollie

    2020 F250 6.7L Tremor w/ Carli & 37’s Build Thread

    Depending on how many miles you have on those tires you might be able to get the chunked one warrantied.
  19. tacollie

    New truck build: RTT vs Wedge vs Pop-up camper?

    Full disclosure we don't have kids but we travel with friends who do. Since you have stated in your many threads you prefer a minimalist approach I say start with the RTT. Our friends use one and their kids love it. They started using the RTT when their youngest was only 1. Bonus for you the...