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  1. krick3tt

    Molle Panel strap

    For my shovel I use quickfist holders. Never loosen. Every thing else I get from strap works, Chances are if they don't have it you are going to have...
  2. krick3tt

    Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

    I am looking for a 270 deg awning that is compatible with a Front Runner full size roof rack that has legs and a sturdy zip closed cover. There are so many awnings that I am having difficulty making a decision. I realize that this is a post topic discussing inexpensive awnings but I am hoping...
  3. krick3tt

    Legal vs illegal radios

    I had a HAM radio for a bit before my license and only used it to listen. As long as I was not transmitting I was not doing anything illegal. Had both hand held and hardwired into the vehicle. Just listening is not an illegal action. I am now licensed.
  4. krick3tt

    Need help M416 aftermarket wheel size

    Be a good idea to get wheels to match your tow vehicle but you may have to also get different drums. If they stick out a bit have other fenders made, simple sheet metal bending shouldn't be a huge issue. I sold my M416 and have scrubbed my pics so I cannot show you what I had.
  5. krick3tt

    Just got myself an Oztent but have a question

    could be how it folded when last put away. I have not noticed such a thing on mine. I have had mine (OZ3) for a few years with no adverse issues. Put it up and let it breath for a bit, in the sun if possible to allow everything to soften. Watch a few vids on youtube about them and it may...
  6. krick3tt

    Is it legal to mount a small 5 lb propane tank horizontally on one's roof rack?

    I have two propane tanks, one is a pancake tank that is mounted with the valve on top secured to my roof rack. Never had issues with it except for the occasional branch bouncing off it but I try not to hit things. If my HAM antenna clears then the tank will clear. The other tank is also 11 pound...
  7. krick3tt

    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    Recently visited Colombia and toured a coffee plantation. Lots goes into getting coffee to us and now I have a greater appreciation of why coffee costs what it does. Standing on a slope picking just the right beans is not an easy task. I do like Colombian coffee, it is the second best coffee in...
  8. krick3tt

    Rice cooker

    I also have one similar to that and it has been my go to travel meal prep for years.
  9. krick3tt

    Rice cooker

    Not a vid just a link to the Amazon item.
  10. krick3tt

    Just how much does an LR3 weigh?

    I stopped at a roadside truck scale that had no trucks at the moment and asked the operator if my LR could be weighed and he did it for me at no charge. Fully kitted out with camping gear, gas and me was 7820 pounds. Sure glad to have E rated tires and a large HP engine. I don't really feel...
  11. krick3tt

    Rice cooker

    Just got a mini (12V) rice cooker for my trail adventures. Powered it up in the kitchen to see how it worked. Powered it off my Jackery 250 (used 15% power for a serving of rice) quite acceptable for addition to a trail meal. Takes about 25 min for a rice cook. Rice will cook while I drive and...
  12. krick3tt

    Stainless Steel Brake Lines -- Yay or Nay

    I have had a lot of vehicles and most had metal tube lines, easy and rather inexpensive to replace. Some vehicles are stock with braided metal covered lines that resemble SS lines but I did not keep the vehicle long enough to gage the importance between the two types. I understand there may be...
  13. krick3tt

    Molle panels for LR3

    Thanks for the response. Just what I was looking for. It appears from the video that the cover for the small cargo hold must be left off after installation, correct? Does equipment on the panel or the panel itself interfere with radio reception as the radio antenna is in/on the window?
  14. krick3tt

    Molle panels for LR3

    Looking for molle panel for the inside of rear side window of LR3.
  15. krick3tt

    AUS Water Jerry Cans

  16. krick3tt

    AUS Water Jerry Cans

    Most of my 20 liter Scepter water cans will leak if transported on their sides. I carried them on my roof rack on their sides to avoid much of the wind resistance and they leaked. I purchaced the 2 1/2 gallon (10 L) size to avoid this issue. They ride just fine in the carriers I fabricated...
  17. krick3tt

    water proof storage

    Surplus medical chests. Available through many surplus sites.
  18. krick3tt

    Best Pee Jars?

    If you can't fit in this call Ripleys.
  19. krick3tt

    Rumpl blanket

    Went to REI today with my 20% off coupon and purchased a Rumpl blanket. REI has a 1 year return policy so if it turns out this thing is a dud I can take it back, as long as there is no damage to it. Road trip coming up soon, prefer to get my kit filled out long before the last min. Thanks for...
  20. krick3tt

    Rumpl blanket

    Thanks. I bought one of those and sent it back. It was so thin I could almost read through it.