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  1. JayOtheMountains

    KDSS Friend or Foe?

    I've had a Dr. KDSS installed for the better part of 2.5 years. I have an Icon Stage 4 installed. The product is worth it if you're in terrain that you need KDSS disengaged to travel through but want to keep KDSS for on-road performance. My local streets are garbage in areas and this comes in...
  2. JayOtheMountains

    SOLD - Baja Designs 40” S8 Light Bar - SoCal

    Can... Can you provide more information on this? There are several S8 variants at various price points. Your post is too broad for me to understand what it is you have and are offering for sale. Model numbers are: Spot 74001; Driving Combo 74003; Wide Cornering 74004; and a work/scene light 74006
  3. JayOtheMountains

    Southern route from San Diego to Texas for the eclipse

    Heads up: Access to the Barry M. Goldwater Range east of Yuma is access controlled. Meaning the El Camino Del Diablo route. More info here: Additionally, the site lists portions of the range closed starting April 2nd. Otherwise, that route looks fun. Lots of driving.
  4. JayOtheMountains

    Life and Death Valley: The Tipping Point

    Thanks for the write-up! Conditions are changing, and those roads are known to be torturous. Good to hear that while your bodies may be bruised you are still stoked to get out there and do it.
  5. JayOtheMountains

    2011 Hotshot Conversion

    What is the endurance goal you are aiming for with regards to not needing to refill? That will and should help determine how much water you want/need? The general rule is to plan for the desert with a 1 gallon-per-person per-day. Factor in a quick shower or two and you may be 7 gallons every 5...
  6. JayOtheMountains

    Northern Death Valley Road Conditions 2023 ???

    South pass is inaccessible at the moment. After the plow came through and dug out the stuck land cruiser, it continued down through the snow clearing out the canyon. Since then, it has snowed again and at the Panamant overlook near Hunter Mountain Road there has been significant rock fall...
  7. JayOtheMountains

    Northern Death Valley Road Conditions 2023 ???

    Staff housing, Park provided housing. Not a private residence, thus no tax taken. It's been generally accepted that the quickest trucking route from E <-- --> W in the park is 374/190 via Lone Pine/Beatty. It's why pressure on Scotty's Castle road hasn't been too great; even before the summer...
  8. JayOtheMountains

    Northern Death Valley Road Conditions 2023 ???

    Not to hijack this thread further, for which we've already done... I'm curious about your question. There is a significant difference in how the federal government land managers (road managers) and state agencies work. This is by design and principal. State agencies are inclined to keep the...
  9. JayOtheMountains

    Northern Death Valley Road Conditions 2023 ???

    Considering that DVNP resides mostly in CA, you're right about NDOT not doing squat. The park service is working on critical infrastructure and main thoroughfares first. INYO county is busy with other repairs and has been working with NPS to ensure roads with MOAs are open; however NPS personnel...
  10. JayOtheMountains

    Cerro Gordo Update 12-29-22

    I think Brent has a long-term vision to increase awareness and bring folks in that would otherwise not know about the place, region, or the vast history of the mineral exploration in the area. He saved a dying ghost town and is revitalizing it into something that will live on. The way I see it...
  11. JayOtheMountains

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    '18 4-Runner out in the wilds doing wild things. Stuff-n-things accomplished to the suspension to be comfy during deep desert exploration. Sure I could show a closer view, but this is why I have what I have and am able to get way out there to explore. I prefer a modular approach with the ability...
  12. JayOtheMountains

    $250,000 for RWD skoolie!

    Let's see. $15k Bus (generous) so many questions on the "build". $250K does not compute... Even if you classify it as "art" it doesn't compute.
  13. JayOtheMountains

    Decked ********** article on front page.

    Ah, but Liquid Death also has established its brand with a $700M initial valuation and is currently Gen Z's favorite water. Marketing, mang!
  14. JayOtheMountains

    Hubs and electric brakes with Toyota lug pattern

    This, really, is a good option. Run the diff and don't forget the breather on it. Bonus, you'll also have a spare axle and/or parts should something go amiss on the Landy. Growing up I wondered the nonsense of a full axle on our custom-haul trailer until my father dorked things bad on the truck...
  15. JayOtheMountains

    Decked ********** article on front page.

    Black Hole - That's a can-o-worms I'm hesitant to go towards considering my filthy mind. :ROFLMAO:??
  16. JayOtheMountains

    Decked ********** article on front page.

    Also, why does the main site get to use ********** [<Insert juvenile product name here] when we get censored?
  17. JayOtheMountains

    Decked ********** article on front page.

    Aside from the nanny auto monitors on this site providing the incessant use of asterisks, the fact that we're talking about it is excellent marketing. The name aside, does the bag fill a need? Does it hold up to use? People will buy it 1) because of the brand; 2) juvenile mentality will...
  18. JayOtheMountains

    Towing a 16ft Airstream with a 4runner? Other alternatives?

    What I don't understand is that no one has mentioned upgrading the suspension of the 4runner to handle the expected load. They come pretty well appointed stock, but if you're planning on any hauling you should look into beefier coil-overs and shocks in the rear, at the minimum. I'm upgraded and...