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  1. Roverchef

    SK1824 Maintenance and Repairs

    I think the hipsters bit off abit too much to chew.
  2. Roverchef

    1995 Land Rover Discovery (Built)(Sold)

    Gearing/lockers? How are the rear door hinges holding up with the 35in tire on it? GLWS
  3. Roverchef

    Unicat Brilliant "smaller" for class 5 chassis (4x4 Dodge/GM/Ford-6x6 Gwagons/Toyota)

    Who in their "right mind" thought that one of the top euro outfitters was gonna try and compete for pricing with all these "slap a box on the back" builds popping up? Other than Krug...Unicat is its own competition and will never need to bend over to make sales.
  4. Roverchef

    SK1824 Maintenance and Repairs

    Well that wasn't long...
  5. Roverchef

    1989 Land Rover defender 110 in FL $30K

    Nice use of the pedal to block the rot in pic #16
  6. Roverchef

    Stewart and Stevenson Expedition

    They do run on Jet B just fine...if mixed with other fun fluids.😁
  7. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    SOLD!!!! Thank you everyone for looking, asking questions, and comments! Happy New Year!
  8. Roverchef

    Allison 1000 LOWER PRICE!!

    You can squeeze all the junk from a 2000/3000 into the 1000 body if needed for tighter situations. I did one for a client's 9 ton RV build.
  9. Roverchef

    Goodyear G275 MSA 335/80R20 20x11 Bead lock wheels forsale price cut $4500 !

    Bolt pattern would help...or are they only for "Smartkarz"?
  10. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    I know somebody needs a perfect Overland platform for the Holidays. PM me any silly offers you got. You can't hurt my feelings?
  11. Roverchef

    1990 Mercedes-Benz van in CA

    Ooooh I believe you Vince. I Remember when you just got your white 300GD SWB years ago. I thought I remembered you having issues even with that which should have been a "no brainer". I was only stating that I've "squeezed" a few thru with the Compliance officers overs the years. It basically...
  12. Roverchef

    1990 Mercedes-Benz van in CA

    It can be legal anywhere you want it to be...just cost $$$!
  13. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    Just saw your PM. Files are too big for here I guess.
  14. Roverchef

    Pinzgauer 710M Conversion - Build thread

    This is fun. Thanks for keeping us all updated.
  15. Roverchef

    1958 Unimog 404 with cabover flex

    Is that the look of accomplishment on her face...or disgust? What a fun build! More pics please...
  16. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    I wasn't planning on installing a composite habit. I was gonna use a 4Wheel Camper "tray-back" version so when I wasn't camping I could unload it fairly easy and run to the hardware store or whatever need I had for a pick-up truck. If you're interested I could set you up with outfits close...
  17. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    Yes on the 8-lug. I had to get rid of those "widow maker" rims that came with it. I got Hutchinson to make me a set of 2-piece aluminum beadlocks. Still have the stock size(31 Gallon) fuel tank. I had it resealed when I was doing the rebuild of everything. Cruising @55mph I get close to 15mpg...
  18. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    I appreciate your input. Right now I've got close to $120k without labor into this one. I feel like I'm giving it away but I got too many other "irons in the fire" @ the moment that need tending to.
  19. Roverchef

    1988 MAN G90 FAE 4x4

    Piles of interest but no takers. Any constructive feedback? Am I gonna have to build a habitat box for it sell on here? Thanks for look'n