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  1. Bobmog

    Random dog shots

  2. Bobmog

    500,000th G-Wagen

    The 500,000th looks a lot like my 1981 280GE.
  3. Bobmog

    Look What They’re Selling at Lowe’s ?

    We use these little guys, either one will fit in a long box pickup bed. The Haflinger has portal axles and front and rear locking diffs.
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    Recommendations for 5 person rooftop tent

    Nov 18, 2013 Edit bookmark #5...
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    Unimog vs. ....

    C p I estimate about 15 mpg. The odometer is kph and it has bigger than stock tires so I don’t have an accurate calculation, but I figure about 15 mph.
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    Unimog vs. ....

    We bought an ex-Belgium dry chemical fire truck 404.0 in 1995 for off-roading. For offroad ability and nonluxury camping you can't beat a 404.0 Unimog. Although they are pretty rare if you look hard you can find them and usually for less than $20,000. They are basically the same dimensions as...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    My 5/4 ton
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    Half civilian/half military

    Thanks guys. Photos of the power plant would disappoint you, it is the stock civilian straight 6 230 cubic inch. Slow but dependable.
  9. Bobmog

    Half civilian/half military

    Here is my 5/4 ton Jeep. M715 with Jeep pickup cab and motor. It is slow but fun.
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    Random dog shots

    Our black newpy
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    Mercedes Parts in North America

    Unimog Parts Here is a link to a list of parts vendors. Some are no longer around but the better ones are still here:
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    Unimog 404 help?

    If you want a 404 with an M130 instead of an M180 then you want a 404.0 instead of a 404.1. A 404.0 will be very hard to find and if you find one it will be considerably more expensive than a 404.1. An engine swap on a 404.1 will be much cheaper.
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    Random dog shots

    Mozzy At Christmas
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    ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    my 460 Before and after wheel color change.
  15. Bobmog

    Random dog shots

    No a black Newfoundland and a Landseer (black and white) Newfoundland. Bob
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    Random dog shots

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    Alternate Winch Uses

    other winch uses Using a snatch block I use my for many types of moving and lifting. Here I am recovering my lawn mower that I got too close to the side of the yard. In the other photo I am loading a snowcat that won't start on to a tilt trailer. The Pinzgauer is hooked on as an anchor for...
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    1969 Unimog 404 with radio box

    Not a 416 The truck in the photos is a 404 not a 416. Big difference.
  19. Bobmog

    DIY Ladder extensions show me what you got

    Tree stand ladders For Unimogs we have used ladders for tree hunting stands. The ladders are tall, cheap, sturdy and long enough that we just cut them down for the correct length. The ladders are in about 4 foot sections so they break down as short as the original ladders. We do have to...
  20. Bobmog

    Tire chains specific for mud?

    Rudd We use Rudds all year round. Tight in snow loose in mud.