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  1. clift_d

    Ground Clearance Needs

    I think the importance of ground clearance depends on your vehicle. Our VW Syncro T25 only has around 24cm clear underneath, but it also has independently sprung half axles, and so that means that there's no big diff casings in the middle to drag on the ground, like you might get with a...
  2. clift_d

    syncro Doka

    The T25 Syncro's generally are pretty capable because the 4WD was designed by Steyr, who also did the Pinzgauer/G-Wagon/Haflinger, and who did the development and production on the Syncro for VW in exchange for diesel engines for their Pinzgauer vehicles. The Dokas have more space for engine...
  3. clift_d

    ICELAND, land of contrasts

    I don't suppose you're willing to share a map of your route? We're planning to take our van over this summer and we're just in the process of route planning.
  4. clift_d

    My M416 Build

    Great to see some shots of the frame up close. Lightweight trailers like the M100 / M416 are pretty scarce (and expensive!) here in the UK. We typically see the bigger Sankey trailers for the Landrovers - similar in size to the M101, but unfortunately these are a lot bigger and heavier than I...
  5. clift_d

    Land Rover vs. Syncro t3 Vanagon

    We've got a 1988 Syncro high top Westy which we love. It sleeps four with ease and has everything laid out inside so we can be camp ready and cooking supper within ten minutes of pitching up. It's still got its original 1.6TD which gives us a comfortable 70mph on the motorway, although there's...
  6. clift_d

    Low-Profile roof boxes?

    Thule do a soft roof box - the Ranger 90 that can be loaded from the side or rear. It does require roof bars to attach to but only has a rigid base so it's height is mainly determined by what you put in it. It's also easily removable when empty if your issue is head height in your garage. It's...
  7. clift_d

    Clipless Pedals

    Love my Time Atac Alium pedals - plenty of float so it's not so hard on your knees plus they're pretty crud resistant. They've also made a combination clipless / flat pedal that you can put on a bike that you might want to ride either way.
  8. clift_d

    Round 3 - Trasharoo Group Buy with ExPo Logo - July 4th Sale!

    WHS^ Also, how much would it be for shipping to the UK? Thanks
  9. clift_d

    Round 2 - Trasharoo Group Buy with ExPo Logo!

    Is there any way to do this with postage to the UK?