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  1. mog

    Possible new class 5 rig. Am I nut's to choose gas motor ?

    I have a Kodiak C4500 (8.1 gas) that has 5.13 factory gears on 42s. Around town and getting on the highway I just have the electronic overdrive (5th-Allison 1000) switched off and it drives 'normal'. Once at cruising speed, I switch the overdrive on. Easy as falling off a running board.
  2. mog

    2005 Chevy Kodiak C4500 4x4 Duramax Diesel 31,000 miles

    I only retort as this is a sale ad, and it will be a 'free bump' for a cool truck. Quoting a race car driver from the 1950s who raced under 1000 lbs. cars ( Lotus Eleven, etc.) and designed similar lightweight race cars is not so relevant to a 10,000 lb.+ camper. Here is an idea to get those...
  3. mog

    2005 Chevy Kodiak C4500 4x4 Duramax Diesel 31,000 miles

    No need for 'lightweight'. C4500 =17,500 GVWR, C5500 =19,500 CVWR (drivetrain, brakes, engines are the same between the 4500/5500) I always feel better when I can take my depleted uranium collection along when 'Overlanding' :rolleyes: For reference, my crewcab, same length flatbed, with a...
  4. mog

    2002 Mercedes Unimog Flatbed w/Winch & Plow RUNNING ($175,000)

    Listed as Sandy, Utah on MASCUS
  5. mog

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    I see you used block and tackle pulleys in the shop for raising/lower your wheel. Is that the way you do it on the road also? Awesome build, great photos and lots of useful information here. Thanks, 🏆
  6. mog

    ID on Drawer handles/latches

    That is just for the handle/button, you still need a lock/latch
  7. mog

    ID on Drawer handles/latches

    FAWO Zinc button UK vendor - UK eBay -
  8. mog

    I'm not talking "Kommando Spezialkräfte", but pretty darn close, how would you build your next RIG?

    Word on the street is once figures out which car to put on top, this is his next Kommando Spezialkräfte :unsure:
  9. mog

    Roof Racks/Branch Guard on Total Composite Box?

    While certainly not 'approved' or 'measurable by engineering standards' while helping to assemble a Total Composite box myself and others were debating if 'filling' the hollow section would make them stronger. I took a 2 pound sledge hammer to a spare section and 'beat the living heck out of it'...
  10. mog

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Something tell me not to mess with an engineer who also has a bunch of 50 pound kettlebells hanging around :unsure:
  11. mog

    Total Composites full introduction!

    Not sure if you are aware but you can order that size door (34"x70") online No link as this is Victorian's (Approved Vendor : Total Composites) thread, so no steppin' on it. ;)
  12. mog

    2017 Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Hawk on 2010 Dodge 2500

    Low tire pressure with give you 2+ inches depending on the tire size. Ratchet straps compressing the suspension can give you a few more inches. Go for it 😉 And there is always the 'wood wheel' trick in the worst case scenario
  13. mog

    2017 Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Hawk on 2010 Dodge 2500

    It still needs to fit thought the door, regardless of the exterior dimensions of the container High Cube source- or a door height of 8.46 feet according to -...
  14. mog

    Locking Air Chuck Recommendations

    MORRFlate had a great display at their booth at the PNW Expo last weekend with their locking collar and 3 others. It had cut-away of the valve stems so you could see how far the valve was depressed (more depressed=more airflow). The two 'standard lock on collars barely depressed the...
  15. mog

    Crossing Borders: Renting Cars for a Family Adventure
  16. mog


    You are considered to be a business if you: 1. Are trying to sell any products not in your immediate possession 2. Are trying to sell a single product which is NEW and in a quantity greater than 5 units 3. Are trying to sell a single product which is USED in a quantity greater than 10 units 4...
  17. mog

    Camper and Truck Photos

    2018 Earthcruiser GZL 300 on a 2016 Power Wagon (at the 2024 PNW Expo) Front and rear views with the top up powerwagon, gzl300, gzl-300, earthcruiser, gazell, gzl400, gzl-400, pnw-expo,
  18. mog

    Let’s see some POWER WAGONS!

    With an Earthcruiser GZL
  19. mog

    2019 Powerwagon build thread - Bones (warning lots of pics)

    Forget the 'Neighborhood Watch', or 'XXX Security' security signs. I find landmine warning signs are more effective (Disclaimer-use of landmines might be limited in your area by local ordinances or HOA CC&Rs ;) )