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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Luthj, are those new side pop-outs on your van? It’s been a while, but I don’t remember them. Mike
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    My 4x4 Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures

    Looking good! What kind of flares are those in the front? Mike
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    1949 International/Jeep Wrangler Rock Crawling & Overland Build

    Personally I think that bumper is just about right for your truck. No extra bling. I used to have a’42 ton and a half international, same body style. I like the vintage look. Mike
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    Electric chainsaw for specific purpose

    PS, I use a 6ah battery with my saw, although I’ve used 4 & 2 ah batteries with good results. Just changed more often. Mike
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    Electric chainsaw for specific purpose

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a dewalt 20V chainsaw with a 12” bar. I already had the batteries. I’ve got nothing but good to say about that saw. It’s not super fast like a gas saw, but it has done everything I’ve asked. It might take a bit to get through that 16” log, but it will do it. I’m now a...
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    Auxiliary fuel tanks

    The heater was the catalyst, so now I’ll have both. However, the tank holds 12.5 gallons.
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    Auxiliary fuel tanks

    I’m not completely sure,but at least 20 gallons I would expect. I’m thinking auxiliary fuel for vehicle as well as heater.
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    Auxiliary fuel tanks

    The tank I have is from a dodge car. It has a pump built-in. I’m going to go to a local wrecking yard and cruise for a fuel-filler that looks like it’ll work and go from there. I like the idea of putting a door in the rear quarter panel for the filler. We’ll see what I come up with.
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    Auxiliary fuel tanks

    I could do that, however I’ve mounted the other tank already and just have to put a filler tube into it. I was wondering what others have done to get some ideas. It was easier to mount the other tank and put in the tube that connects to the heater pump…. I think. Anyway I’m hoping to get some...
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    Auxiliary fuel tanks

    I put an auxiliary tank in my E350 for the diesel heater I just installed and was wondering what other people have done to solve the filler issue. I put the tank where the spare used to reside
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    HazVan - 2002 E-350 SuperDuty 7.3l PSD

    What tank is that poly tank?
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    2018 UBCO 2X2 with extra battery and charger

    Those have a temp gauge that tells you the battery temperature. They do heat up going uphill, but it only affects performance if it is for a long time. You can’t be in a hurry. They do slow down on hills. I find you just get into the mode, slow down and enjoy the ride. I love mine. It’s...
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    Not So Subtle E350 Shuttle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    That is an amazingly nice ladder. I’m still practicing with a spool-gun, but nothing beats tig welding. That would look nice on my van! Mike
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    Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper

    Thanks for the thread, boomer was one of my favorites. Mike
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Chris, are those gutter mounts a one off?
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    Wisconsin to California and back in a 40hp 1966 VW Beetle

    Are you sure that wasn’t hwy 49 out of Placerville? Mike
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    Wisconsin to California and back in a 40hp 1966 VW Beetle

    Awesome writing, I’ve had a few bugs and you really describe the emotions involved in the underpowered auto world. I had a ‘61 and a ‘59. I’ve been over monitor pass, not in a bug though. Your just now getting into familiar country ,for me, getting onto US 50. The loneliest road! Great story...
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    M1010 Ambulance to Expedition Rig

    I think the gear vendors o.d. will go behind the 205. Just have to be careful when putting into 4wd.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    That’s what I thought, those are pretty cool.