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  1. syn0s

    SOLD Custom Built Offroad Camper - Trailtec 4x4 SOLD

    I don't know why more teardrop/squaredrop trailer manufacturers don't include pop-tops on their models, it seems like such an easy design decision and a good way to increase the interior headroom and even provide additional sleeping area. Compared to something like a Mission Overland Summit...
  2. syn0s

    1997 Ford F-250 7.3 power stroke Bimobil Camper $22,500

    Kinda late reply, but I was also wondering if this was sold, and I think it was. Found the new owner on Instagram today. Looks like it was sold about a month back.
  3. syn0s

    Alu-Cab Canopy Camper w/ Full Goose Gear Kit

    Would you sell just the goose gear stuff and a few other bits and pieces? Or are you trying to keep it all together?
  4. syn0s

    1986 Toyota Pickup Custom Cab 4x4

    I believe the Facebook listing says $18.5k...
  5. syn0s

    SOLD: 2023 Scout Campers Kenai

    In the pics, it looks like the ceiling finish is "wrinkling" above the cabover bed area? Was there some water intrusion?
  6. syn0s

    SOLD: 2001 Toyota Tacoma w/ Hiatus Camper $20k

    Which engine? 3.4l or 2.7l? Sent you a message...
  7. syn0s

    The WRōV

    A printed user guide! Well done, that is so cool!
  8. syn0s

    AutarkyEV Offgrid 4x4 Expedition Vehicle F450 Ambulance Conversion - SOLD

    I drooled over this rig back then and I’ll do it again now… Phenomenal… 🤤
  9. syn0s

    SOLD - 2018 Ford F150 Raptor w/ AT Overland Summit + Goose Gear

    Cool rig, seems very reasonably priced for everything you get with it. @sreedf1 I sent you a message separately about the solar/natl luna setup...
  10. syn0s

    SOLD...... 1st Gen 2000 Tacoma, 4x4, V6, 88k miles

    Bring a trailer dot com. It's a website where rare, unique or otherwise extremely clean and low mileage vehicles are auctioned off to buyers. I think @reync was suggesting that you may have more luck fetching a higher price tag for this vehicle on bring a trailer mostly because people there...
  11. syn0s

    Carbon Fiber Leentu Camper Summer price drop

    This thing is super cool, and is a real unicorn. It's even local to me, which is rare for the ExPo classifieds... Too bad it isn't for a 5ft bed, I don't feel like adapting it to work with my 5ft bed, but it seems like a killer deal. Leentu had SO much potential, too bad that they never really...
  12. syn0s

    2022 Ram Powerwagon with AEV components

    Beautiful rig… I’m swoonin! and it’s local to me!
  13. syn0s

    Jeep Comanche Pop Top Camper

    Too rich for my blood, but this thing is SUPER awesome... great work!
  14. syn0s

    04 tacoma double cab w/ flippac

    If you'll sell the flippac separately then I'm interested in it... Nice rig!
  15. syn0s

    1993 Land Rover Defender Overland Ready

    Cool rig Where is it located? (Looks like Montana per plates?) What are the sleeping area dimensions? What is the total interior standing/roof height?
  16. syn0s

    2012 Toyota Tacoma with Flippac (86k miles) $15k OBO

    I sent a message last Friday (I think), and no response, ghosted...