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  1. plh

    For Sale - 1997 Mitsubishi Canter 4X4 - $35K CAD ($25K USD)

    Timing isn't correct for me by 2 years, but this sure sounds like a great deal to me.
  2. plh

    91 Montero Engine Swap...what else should I replace while the engine is out?

    timing belt, water pump and related. Updated balancer bolt.
  3. plh

    custom bag tailors

  4. plh

    Best Expedition Rig?

    This is pretty high up on my list. I've been casually shopping for a used one that is empty to build out myself.
  5. plh

    DustBox - dust mitigation device - positive pressure system

    not really related, but I saw an invoice from a plumber this week and the Master was billed out at $350/hr.
  6. plh

    Replacing timing belt on 95 Montero SR. What else should I do?

    on the 3.0l the manifold does not need to come off.
  7. plh

    Fisker Files For Chap 11 Bankruptcy Today

    Automotive News isn't your basic story rag. Yeah, China gets infrastructure stuff done. I lived there during the old train to high speed train conversion - just think about plumbing the country a bit bigger than the USA in 4 years with an entirely new rail system.
  8. plh

    Fisker Files For Chap 11 Bankruptcy Today

    I read an article last week in Automotive News, the EV statistics aren't great. Polling current EV owners 50% will buy an ICE as their next vehicle - stating charging time / convenience / infrastructure as the biggest deterrent to a repeat EV purchase. 23% of current ICE owners would never...
  9. plh

    My 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV...

    Part numbers for those JAOS springs?
  10. plh

    12V Heating Pads? Any recommendations?

    I know you said not a blanket, hear me out. I use this RoadPro under my sleeping bag and it works excellent. Tested to 17F personally. road pro
  11. plh

    A taste of New Mexico; April 2024.

    Route 400 through Kansas, don't wish that on anybody! My better half and I drove that last week on our route from Milwaukee to ABQ onward to Winslow/Flag. Windy, rainy, heavy truck traffic and majority 2 lane. Was very happy to arrive in Tucumcari and I40. It did save 30 minutes on our route...
  12. plh

    Awning recommendations?

    I bought one of the NAPA specials a couple years ago for $99 (not a 270 degree). One person can easily set it up as this is what I do. It looks like they are $159 now, but there may be some discounts. 20% off JUNE20
  13. plh

    Montero Road Trip and Meetup - Tuktoyaktuk and Prudhoe Bay

    Sounds awesome! Don't have enough vacation time for that kind of trip.
  14. plh

    US carmakers in panic mode?

    Something like 25% of the jobs in US are directly / indirectly tied to the auto industry.
  15. plh

    The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV...

    I have also seen for front KYB to OEM cross reference: 3340046 --> 4060A513 3340045 --> 4060A514 I think the chart you attached is for the previous generation?
  16. plh

    1994 Mitsubishi Montero - V6 - 5 Speed - Pittsburgh, PA - $9,000 OBO

    man I hope you get close to the selling price. GLWYS
  17. plh

    2005 Gen 3 Montero (Pajero) Overland Build

    285's on stock offset wheels still rubbed a bit in the front on minor obstacles, ride was super harsh compared to stock. Some people don't mind a lumber wagon, but 90+% of our driving was on road.
  18. plh

    The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV...

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