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    Schutt XV-F Toy Hauler

    I would actually call Shutt Industries and ask. It is a specialty trailer, so many times people will contact company that they bought it from, to resell it on consignment. GL finding your trailer.
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    Another Rhino Rack Disaster Class, And How I Think You Can Avoid Being Like Me

    Sometimes, you just need to wait until the 2.0 version or even a 3.0 version. Sad but true. Blue loctite maybe would help.
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    Decision point

    They may work for urbanites if they never travel. First time they do, they will be questioning their decision. Plan on staying in a hotel every night, so you can recharge and hope nobody else beat you to it. They would not work for us. We are rural and have a cold winter. Nobody talks much...
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    While on vacation......

    We saw 2 Rivians and a Tesla cyber truck on flatbed. Not sure if they broke down or just ran out of juice ? Not very encouraging either way. We were in Maine. They may work for urbanites but not so much for rural folks.
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    12V Refrigerator Questions

    We have 2 ARB'S. A 50 qt &an 82 at. Over 15 years old. Have not missed a beat. Been on countless trips. We bought ARB'S because they were designed to run at up to 30° angle, which is important offroad, when other makers did not. Now there are dozens of really good fridge/freezer makers, many...
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    quiet generator options?

    We have also had 2 Honda eu2000i generators for over 20 years. Both still run fine but they run fine because of regular maintenance, like anything mechanical. Your lucky because you have options today that we didn't 30-40 years ago. I bought the Honda's because at the time, Campgrounds around...
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    Why don't we see more Ford Ranger builds

    I used to have an 1988 Ford Ranger, put 325k on it. I looked at them hard but the front & rear lockers & the 2.7L L3B engine & the ZR2 package was the deciding factors for me. I understand that the Ranger Raptor has lockers but that truck was like unobtainium at the time we ordered ours...
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    BFG K/O 2 Versus K/O 3

    I absolutely agree with that statement. In my lifetime, my favorite tire & tread pattern was the old style Cooper Discovery STT. I was able to drive through stuff without spinning a tire & they lasted pretty long too.
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    Electricity Actually Used for cooking, tests.

    Wow, this is the most detailed, in depth comparison I have ever seen. Kudos to you for this and taking the time to do it. I am just a regular guy with a HS diploma. On our last truck, a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 diesel, I had a dual battery set up with a HF 2000/4000 watt pure sine wave...
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    Cheap Chinese Equipment

    That's just another reason why America is great: freedom of choice. Just ask any immigrant that came from somewhere where you have no choice. The only choice they have is to buy it or don't. I have been to a few of those places and you could not pay me enough to live there. And besides, there...
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    ARB Zero gets too cold

    After you get it figured out, I would suggest a cheap battery operated fan for the inside to help keep temp even and consistent.
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    Overland Medicine

    I have been on a few accident scenes before trained help arrived. In both instances, people had first aid kit and didn't know how to use them but others on the scene did. So, just having one is important and it did make a difference. Training is always good though. Unfortunately in this...
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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    This is our 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 in Sumitt White. And a close up of the nifty engine block heater w/cord & plug. No more opening up the hood to plug in. Also, the Wife's 23' Subaru Forester Wilderness. Best car we've ever had & we are a 9 Subaru family. Daughter has had 3, Son has had 2...
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    1st time making this, turned out fabulous.

    Yes, but I got a bunch of different kinds of olives. Some stuffed with garlic, some with peppers, kalamata olives, mozzarella balls, feta cheese. But yes, you could certainly use that.
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    1st time making this, turned out fabulous.

    I just made a meal that hit about 9.5 out of 10, & could be easily made at camp. Angle hair pasta. Sauteed onion & garlic. Crispy onion & chili oil - store bought. Your favorite olive/motz/feta mix from the olive bar at supermarket. Francisco Ranaldies sweet basil pasta sauce. All I did...
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    Great Idea for that Busy Weekend BBQ Chef

    ^^^LOL, now that's funny !^^^^
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    re-charging a big power station while driving

    I would look into the Bluetti. The reason I say that is I think I read that 1 model is capable of charging from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes and IIRC, is capable of 1200 watts solar and 120v simultaneously, which is why it can go from 0 to 80% so quickly. That's the thing about power stations, they...
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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    Not sure what is going on but something doesn't seem right. Has it ever been in an accident ? I was doing 70 mph in our 2019 ZR2 Colorado diesel and someone passed us like we were parked on the side of the road, doing about 90 & was towing an X-Venture X2. It was not swaying at all. Is...
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    ***SOLD*** Super Pacific X1 Camper for Chevy Colorado 2015-current

    Nice setup ! GLWS, great deal for somebody.
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    New truck build: RTT vs Wedge vs Pop-up camper?

    Good luck with your endeavor. Lots of choices and lots of pros and cons. Our kids are grown and gone. We have never had a RTT but we have our eyes on a Canopy Camper from Dirtbox Overland. We are saving up. Certainly not a done deal but it's our choice so far. Seeing one in person will either...