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    What route software, if any, offer height, width and weight limitations if any?

    So we're about 13 feet high, almost 8 feet wide and are weighing in around 25,000 lbs or 12,000 kgs. I'm thinking bridges and width mostly. GAIA, onX, something else? Anyone have this? thanks again
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    Heavy Truck Recovery Thoughts?

    Ah, anchor points... another thing I didn't think of in that way. I'm now picturing trees and boulders flying at me near light speed. Elephants for sale? Anyone? But they're not rated anywhere near that? Same with Treds, right? Am I overthinking here where I'm coming in around 12,000 KG? I...
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    Heavy Truck Recovery Thoughts?

    Hey folks, Newbie here who is about to be finishing a build on an Isuzu/GMC t7500. I already have winches and was wondering where to look and what y'all would recommend to have in my recovery kit beyond shovel and chainsaw. Are any recovery boards, tree savers, ropes, pulleys, shackles, straps...