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    2003 E350 4x4 Quigley Hightop. 55k miles

    sent you another message trying to see when I could come see it in person
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    2018 Toyota Tundra Expedition Rig - **SOLD**

    Looks awesome how is it title as an RV or truck? Also is ATC4x4 still in business?
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    Jeep Comanche Pop Top Camper

    What water heater did you use? Also are the water tanks custom built by you?
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    1994 Land cruiser w/ Alucab Pop top conversion- SOLD

    interested what are the options for building out the back?
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    2008 Quad Van 4x4 E-350 - Off Road & Off Grid Camper - 70k Miles

    Sucks that the other builder dropped the ball. Why are you selling after a such a short time?
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    FS: 2002 Ford E 350 4x4 Custom Camper/Toy Hauler

    How big is the lower couch? Do you have to pop the top to sleep?
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    SOLD: 2014 Toyota Tundra/FWC Expedition Vehicle

    Got any more photos? Also what MPG are you getting? is the 46g tank on top of the stock tank so 72g total?
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    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    Are they looking for anyone to be the first to own one or even taking deposits? I am so interested. PM me
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    Troopy in Seattle

    I know of 3 poptop troopy being sold for 25.5k, 42k, and 52k don't see how yours is worth 65k.
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    LHD Troopy

    If you could get one with a poptop i'd be all in.