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    2013 G63 AMG ORC springs and King Shocks install

    Has the ride improved with the ohlins/orc combo? I'm looking to do the same for better comfort on and off road.
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    LX600 Build?

    Thanks, but I couldn't find that as an option when building it. I'm erring towards not picking up AHC. I'm debating between premium for the adaptive variable suspension, or just getting the base. And if it makes you feel better, I voted enthusiastically for Joe Biden, our 46th president. Typo.
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    LX600 Build?

    Which is the optimal trim to get? I am thinking of getting the base version, and purchasing the 18" wheels separately. Apparently the base is the only trim level available without "Air suspension" per the sales guy. Would aftermarket items for the LC300 work on the base LX600? Would it be...