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    2023 AWD Ford Transit Camper Build ($86,500) (25,000 Miles) (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

    I had a chance to check this out last week. Awesome, no-nonsense build. Really maximizes the utility while still being comfortable. I'm a big fan.
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    Oru Designs Campers

    Thanks for posting about your Bruin. I love that it works as both a gear locker and a crash pad during adventures. There are a few other campers that I'm interested in also (Lone Peak, Dirtbox), but the combination of hard walls and barn doors is very tempting. Here are a few questions, if you...
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    Interested in a full-size (F150) Alu-Cab Canopy Camper if anyone has one that isn’t working out as intended. I’m in NorCal but happy to travel to meet at a reputable shop for the uninstall/reinstall process.
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    Ram Rebel with Alucabin **SOLD**

    Really nice rig. Would you consider selling separately? I’m interested in the Alu-Cabin but already have a truck.
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    Truma C30 Fridge FS, SOLD / SOLD

    Do you still have this little guy?
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    **SOLD** 2020 Ford Ranger SCAB / Super Pacific X1 / APG Mid-Runner

    That’s a high quality rig for sure. Did you build out the camper, or is it more of a blank canvas for the next owner?
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    SOLD - 2021 F150 Tremor High (Torsen, generator, etc), $59k (Richmond, VA)

    That’s actually a more generous payload than I was expecting, since the vehicle empty weight seems to creep up as options are added… interesting.
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    SOLD - 2021 F150 Tremor High (Torsen, generator, etc), $59k (Richmond, VA)

    Great options on that truck. I’m trying to determine how much payload I need for the build I have in mind- would you mind posting a pic of the payload sticker if/when it’s convenient?
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    Really nice looking build. Will a 37" spare fit under the PW?
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    F350 Order specifically for Supertramp Camper. Opinions??

    Great looking truck! Look forward to your build thread…
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    Super Pacific/Wedge Camper Bug Nets

    Found this one on the GFC forum (bug screen posts start in April 22). He did a really nice job designing and sewing them. Something similar for SP would be awesome.
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    Super Pacific/Wedge Camper Bug Nets

    I just saw your post on Reddit and then here. I guess it’s a small world of truck campers. I’m considering a Super Pacific and bug screens immediately came to mind. I guess that’s a byproduct of growing up in the south. Have you made progress on your design? I would be interested to see how it...
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    *SOLD* National Luna 50L Weekender + Partner Stove + Slide - $900 - San Diego

    Sold. Thanks to everyone for looking. Good luck in your searches!
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    F350 Order specifically for Supertramp Camper. Opinions??

    That all makes sense. Thank you. I've seen similar info regarding the rear springs- might as well pay a little more and get the higher legal payload while you're at it. I'm trolling the used market, so I'll take what I can find, but the 350 does seem more desirable for the reasons you listed...
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    F350 Order specifically for Supertramp Camper. Opinions??

    After way too much research and consideration, I reached the same conclusion: the Tremor/Supertramp combo is probably the best fit for me as well. I've been thinking that the F250 will provide enough payload since the ST is relatively light as slide-in campers go. I'd like to hear your thoughts...
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    *SOLD* National Luna 50L Weekender + Partner Stove + Slide - $900 - San Diego

    What is your timeline? I’m moving out of SD in a few weeks and would prefer not to move it…
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    *SOLD* National Luna 50L Weekender + Partner Stove + Slide - $900 - San Diego

    Get your whole kitchen at a great price! This setup was installed in my JKUR. I'm making the move to a truck with slide-in camper. The models I'm considering already have these items installed, so posting here for sale. All items in full working condition but definitely show some wear since...
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    *SOLD* 2021 F250 7.3 XLT Tremor and 2020 OEV Camp-X - Fairfax, VA

    Nice looking setup. I'm a fan of the Tremor. How does it handle the camper? I understand that those are pretty light, but did you feel the need to upgrade the springs in the rear? Is it pretty comfortable when you're highway cruising? How about slow, bumpy off-road?
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    Looks like it’s in great shape. Where is it located?