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    1989 LC FJ62 Current value??

    iH8Mud classifieds could probably give you a better idea. List it at 8K with full pictures and see if anyone bites.
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    Family tent campers, do you use a screen?

    No screen, but I do typically travel with an ez-up to provide some extra shelter. We're in an REI Kingdom 8 (family of 4, two kids under 5) and for now there's enough interior room in the tent for when we've had to shelter in the tent too.
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    It’s a 55/80/100

    You are clearly a wizard of the highest order! Awesome build!
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    Cold Day in Hell('s Canyon)

    Great write up and pictures. I really like your truck build as well!
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    Anyone fly fish in stillwater?

    Monster Ranch? Never been, but it looks nice. We were fishing some private property close to Cheyenne.
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    Anyone fly fish in stillwater?

    Still water is fun; just got back from a weekend of still water fishing in Wyoming. We got into rainbows, brookies, and cutties. Beautiful property, well managed fishery, and an all around good time. I'm also a big fan of fishing the front range alpine lakes in the summer time. Always a...
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    Family of 5 trying to figure things out.

    If your family can comfortably ride in the vehicle, then you should be able to get the gear into the bed of the truck. As the previous poster mentions, start simple (gear wise) and go from there. No sense in investing in trailers or campers only to find out your family doesn't enjoy the great...
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    Your preferred Roof Rack straps, tie down options?

    Hey @Rezarf <><; just wondering how you like the Roller Cam straps after a year of use?
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    You guys got a link to a good "buyers" guide? Ideally, something like the Slee 100 series LC buyers guide. I'm thinking about buying a more modern vehicle to replace an 89 FJ62 and the GX is moving up on the list (already have a 100 series and can't afford a 200 series).
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    Your Sleeing Setup...

    Ground tent (REI Kingdom 8); baby goes in a pack in play and the older one has a child/toddler size cot. Me and the MRS on a queen size mattress. Dog sleeps between us and the kiddos. Hoping to transition the baby into a cot this year.
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    (Opinion) Buying a HDJ8X or not...

    This is an easy decision for me personally - 100 series all the way. 1. As a DD, the 100 series will be more comfortable than an 80 series in just about every way - interior, ride, engine power, etc. I spend 99% of my time doing mundane ******** in the car so comfort is important. The 100 series...
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    1977 GMC Jimmy (K5 Blazer) LS Swap, Turn-key Overland Rig (SOLD)

    This is a really ************ rig, but I'm not in a position to buy. Well done and GLWS.
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    Traveling with a dog

    10-12 feet - any longer and he's getting wrapped up in, pulling chairs over, etc.
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    Traveling with a dog

    Usually tether him up or just leave him in the cab of the truck until I'm set up and ready to get him out.
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    2020 Bronco estimated Approach and Departure Angles

    Since we're speculating the Bronco will get the 2.3, here's an article on how the 2.3 was modified for the Ranger:
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    Calling all psychologists...

    Cute title, but you're not going to get many hits in this forum. I'd head over to iH8Mud or post in the Land Cruiser sub-forum with a request for info on what changed from year to year on the 200 series (I don't think it's been much). In general, buy the lowest mileage, best maintained (most...
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    200 Series Newbie Questions

    I don't know anybody but snobs that don't think highly of the 200 series. The only reason there aren't more of them being used in the offroad/overlanding community is simply that it's a high-dollar, low volume vehicle and they are only now becoming affordable for people. If I could afford one...
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    Advice for soon to be father...

    What I've told all my 'new-dad' friends recently: Don't forget to make time to invest in your relationship with your wife - kids require a lot of time and focus. Being intentional about continuing to build your relationship with your spouse will help when things get really stressful with the...