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    "Cheaper" seats for overland travel?

    Good seats at salvage yards are often scooped up by people who flip them om Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, so you can also check there.
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    "Cheaper" seats for overland travel?

    Another option is to find a late model vehicle from a salvage yard and test out the seats. OEM seats are usually very well built and often have a lot of adjustability. You would probably have to fab up a mounting solution.
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    Ford 10 speed with regear anyone done it yet

    There are numerous websites that allow you to calculate rpm at various rear gear ratios, transmission gear ratios, and tire height. One example is here: The 10 speed transmission ratios are shown below. And if you are in 4-wheel...
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    6.5 bed or 8' bed ?

    Some random thoughts: - An 8 foot bed would in theory give you more stability, but for the lightweight camper options you are pursuing and relatively light trailer this isn't really an issue - An 8 foot bed will have a longer wheelbase, and thus worse turning radius and ramp breakover angle -...
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    Some Grenadiers from Overland Expo West 2024

    This was a great marketing event for INEOS. The test drives on the off-road course we're fully booked all weekend.
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    Plumbing question- water filter placement

    All manner of harmful things could be growing in your tank, so placing the filters downstream is preferable.
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    BFG MT vs Falken Wildpeak AT4: Sidewall Toughness

    I'm on my 2nd set of Cooper ST Maxx 255/85-16 on my 80 series. They work really well in the Arizona desert, where jagged rocks and mean cacti are abundant. They are E load range which typically implies a tougher sidewall. They are a fairly aggressive all-terrain, but should get better mpg than a...
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    To Pop Up or not to Pop Up?

    The hard sided options offer better security, better insulation, and simplicity. In addition, the Total Composites (and Globe Trekker) offerings are available for DIY interior buildout. I think all pop-up offerings force you into a factory interior build, which adds cost if you can do it...
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    An incident worth talking about. Kinetic Recovery Accident.

    Opening the hood of the vehicle being recovered is another safety measure you can take.
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    Dust covers

    If you want something custom you could check out upholstery or marine canvas places.
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    Wall-mounted vent fan options

    Maxxair makes the Maxxfan Dome model, which can mounted vertically. It is 6", single speed, exhaust only.
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    External Water Storage Guides through Camper / subframe?

    What chassis will you be using? The frame configuration (C channel vs. boxed, straight rail vs. curves) could change the advice you get. Also, what capacity tanks are you considering? Mounting the tank to the subframe might be easier, but that adds a lot of weight to the outside edge that will...
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    Adding a second DC/DC charger on 400ah Battle Born battery bank, does it makes sense? Victron, Supertramp Camper

    If you want to go "beast mode", you could install a single Sterling Power 120 amp DC DC charger ( This can be manually set to operate at 85% (102 amp) or 65% (78 amps). If your batteries got...
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    Tacoma and flat bed with Canopy

    Check out Bowen Customs and Norweld for trays with canopies.
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    12v Air conditioning vs mini Split

    Midea makes an 8,000 BTU window AC with inverter technology for $400 that is almost a mini-split, but not quite. It is a U-shaped unit that has separate motors for the condenser and evaporator fans, so the only things connecting the front and back half of the units are electric wires and the...
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    Smallest Mini Split (exterior unit) recommendations

    AT Overland had a fairly compact 12V mini split on their camper at Overland Expo West. See post #113 on this link: Unfortunately it does not seem to be commercially available at this time...
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    Fresh water tank access ports —- yes or no

    Some people use regular Whiffle Balls. Much cheaper, but the plastic is thicker and takes up volume. They are not FDA approved, so you would need to understand what type of plastic they are made of.
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    Fresh water tank access ports —- yes or no

    You can insert baffle balls into tanks to prevent surges. The Surge Buster example shown below can be squeezed down to a smaller size and inserted through an inspection port.
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    F350 Order specifically for Supertramp Camper. Opinions??

    Sounds like a great rig, I would consider the LED marker lights ($95) and a block heater ($100). If you are spending $70K on a truck, these are cheap options that may be useful. The Tremor comes standard with the 4.3 ratio locking differential, which pairs well with the 35" tire. You could...
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    DIY Modular Flatbed That Looks Stock

    Great craftsmanship and it really flows well with the truck body. Any idea on total weight?