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    Rinse Kit Pro on sale at Costco for $189.99

    I'd like suggestions for a more modular DIY rig based off a HD 5-gal bucket. 12V power I already have, so I guess a powerful pump / hoses / nozzle set? recirculating water heater is just "would be nice", but personally I'd prefer propane-based for that, ideally with a thermostatic max-temp...
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    Pb vs. LiFePO voltage sag

    Ventilation, as in exchange with the outside air.
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    Pb vs. LiFePO voltage sag

    Ventilation should be all that's needed. Insulation of the box only in extreme cold
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    Pb vs. LiFePO voltage sag

    LFP cells of good quality while very healthy, will hold voltage from sagging pretty darn well under a 0.5C continuous load for a few minutes maybe even 10-15 minutes But if you're planning on doing that regularly, best to double/triple your Ah capacity in order to reduce the C-rate. Not just...
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    Plug and Play

    Absolutely stupid there is no easily replaced cell set. 800 is optimistic for li-ion. LFP might get 10x that if cared for properly, but then that requires the BMS and cells are directly accessible. I wish someone sold a unit that was everything BUT the cells But then it likely would still not...
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    Goal zero and dometic

    The storage capacity is needed to get past low insolation days. Just overnight, a 100Ah battery (@12V so 1kWh) is plenty, assuming not to many other loads. To really capture the output from 200W panelage, up to 400Ah would be better. My goal is bridging at least 3 rainy days, leaving 20-30%...
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    Why does solar controller show voltage from panel after moving camper out of the sun?

    Voltage means almost nothing. Like water pressure with a spigot off. Only amps shows activity.
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    Realistic weight or length limits?

    Disregarding local regs, just looking at ride handling and safety, it's ALL about your weight distribution. Carry your water / waste tanks, battery bank, propane bottles, galley appliances, recovery winch etc forward of an axle place your sleeping / sitting spaces to the rear and you can...
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    5lb Propane Tank at Costco $50

    flame king ysn5lb 8.1 (D) x 8.1 (W) x 12.8 (H) inches
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    Charging - Auxiliary Alternator vs. DC-DC/B2B. Which is Better?

    That's going to be a fantastic electric powerplant. With a high-Ah LFP House bank, will support lots of mod cons, big freezer, all electric galley...
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    Byers Guide Diesel heaters by ExPortal

    If someone has obviously neglected doing their preparation before posting, and that annoys you, makes you feel taken advantage of one option that does no harm, is to simply move on and ignore their request for help.
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    Byers Guide Diesel heaters by ExPortal

    Also a 24V system would be consuming double the energy watts at the same amps rate, so the 12V should be mentioned somewhere.
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    Byers Guide Diesel heaters by ExPortal

    >> the heater uses roughly 15-18A/hour for a couple minutes. Yes that's just silly units, meaningless. Any of these would be clear: X amps rate "for a couple of minutes". X Ah used, full stop, no "per unit of time" needed. or, X Ah per minute, or, per hour.
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    Axle Confusion

    Love it BillieBob! In my case I need a 36' long unit to haul a 30' sailboat at ~12000lbs keel support spine as low as practical for rough terrain and trailer needs to also act as a vehivle transport, carry a living pod, tons of rock and soil, building supplies, water / fuel tanks, etc
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    Papa's Off-road Trailer Project

    3M tech support is pretty accessible for VHB questions. Read the data sheets first...
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    Papa's Off-road Trailer Project

    So this, Aussie line? "This system is not available outside of the Patriot Campers range of products"
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    Papa's Off-road Trailer Project

    build details on the suspension please