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    ISO 7.3 Power Stroke 4x4. Bonus points if its got a flatbed

    I've got a 97 F-250 Supercab with a manual trans and a flip-pac camper that I've been thinking about selling because I just don't use it. Around 180k miles. I'm in Chattanooga, so pretty close to ATL. I can PM you my number if you would like more info.
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    Cheapest (and easiest) way to run a Maxxair Fan?

    Unless i am missing something in your post, you need another battery either way, because the solar setup will have to store the energy somewhere. So the question is, do you want to charge the battery with solar or your truck? A simple switched battery isolator should be way cheaper than a...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Here is a cheap 7.3 Quigley, but it is about to rust off of the frame.
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    Storage Platform for sale....good price?

    I don't know if I could build that for $300 by the time you purchase the wood, carpet, adhesive, slides, screws, glue, and hinges. Looks like a deal to me if it is decent quality.
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    @Adrifters - F550 Surf Camper Build - Adrift Motorhome

    Awesome build so far, I can't wait to see this one finished. I tow 4-5k lbs fairly often, so I am close to you in weight, and have done so quite a bit with both gas and Diesel engines. Currently I am driving a diesel Ram 2500. My next truck will have a gas engine. There are just too many...
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    +1 for the gas. I've had nearly identical ram 2500s at the same time with a gas and diesel and the gas engine is much easier to live with and cheaper to operate. I live in a decent sized area and regularly have to drive several miles out of my way to get fuel, and the diesel pumps are often...
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    96 dodge sportsmobile Dalton GA

    Hey guys, I haven't posted much, but I've been a member for a number of years and lurk often. It was this site that got me looking for a sportsmobile in the first place. The sink was removed by the prior owner, but the water tanks are still there. It has tons of storage in the rear cabinets...
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    How Ford plans to phase out the best-selling E-Series

    Like Pedro said, you forgot the 2k lb trailer. I've got a 2010 JKU that I'm guessing will be just over 5k lbs when I finish the armor, so I'm already over 7k before any spares. Add all of the stuff that it takes to travel with a wife and two young children and 8k lbs towing is barely adequate...
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    How Ford plans to phase out the best-selling E-Series

    The vid above shows one of the contractors driving a manual transmission van. I don't think that Ford would go through the trouble of doing that kind of test with a M/T unless they were seriously considering it as an option. If I can get a m/t awd van in the mid $30's, it may be my next...
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    Coleman Instant Tent?

    I'm bumping this thread for a short one year review. My family has used this tent several weekends with a couple of week long trips along the way. First the good: It sets up and packs super fast, just as advertised and it's holding up well. After one rainy trip I had it set up in the yard with...
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    Looking for good family sized thermos recommendations

    Are you preheating the thermos? My Stanley will keep coffee hot all day if I preheat, but only 2-3 hours if I don't.
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    2011 F150 engine choices

    BCH just hit on what is the most important aspect of the ecoboost imo, the performance at altitude. While the published power numbers for the 3.5 and 5.0 are close, the difference will be much larger when the air is thin. I'm not a fan of turbos on hardcore off road rigs, but for a d/d, weekend...
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    OZTENT tent alternative?

    RVR, I just returned from a trip to NC with the family. I can easily get the tent out and set it up in a couple of minutes by myself. We stayed through some fairly heavy rain and only had a couple of drops of water in the tent until I opened the door. Water had pooled up right above the door...
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    Coleman Instant Tent?

    I picked one of these up at Sam's a few weeks ago to use as a more versatile screen room to supplement a camper shell on my truck. My thinking is we can close the windows and use the tent as a changing room or open them for a screen room to hang out in. I've only used it one night (in my yard)...
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    OZTENT tent alternative?

    Coleman instant tent I just picked up a 10x14 Coleman Instant Tent at Sam's Club for $150.00. The Coleman website claims one minute setup and tent fabric that is twice as thick as other Coleman tents. It took my wife and I about 10 minutes to set up the tent the first time and less than 5 to...
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    Jerry cans

    FWIW, I brought a few cans back from Canada a few months ago with no problems.
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    off road trailer

    At one time I was planning almost the exact same build to pull behind a Cherokee, but I ended up going another direction. My plan was to use the bed slides and lift mechanism from a pop up for the slide out and roof lift. I even considered doing a small production run. Keep us updated if you...
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    Great idea I am planning the same build, the waggy has plenty of room for a family and is a simple vehicle to build an maintain. There is a ton of good info over at the International Full Size Jeep association's site ( ). Some of the people there have already done the swap. For info...
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    american urban exploration

    I think any of the Japanese dualsport bikes would be great. Because it sounds like you plan to ride mostly on pavement I would go with the Suzuki V-strom 650 or Kawasaki KLR 650. I am assuming you are of at least average height, because these are both taller bikes. The first stop anybody wanting...