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    Ideal coolant temperature range for Gen3 Monty

    According to my service manual, the thermostat begins to open at 82C/108F and is fully open at 95C/203F. Normal engine "Hot state" is between 80-120C/248F as defined in the service manual diagnosis procedure for an overheat/low coolant situation. (P0217) 220 sounds like a safe alarm point!
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    Custom motorhome toyhauler
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    4x4 7.3 Diesel Super C Bigfoot RV

    It's still listed on a local classifieds site. User has a <2hr response time
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    Fold out solar panel

    I have and highly recommend this 120w folding solar panel: It's lightweight, well constructed and folds up nice and small. I used marine grade cable and xt-60 connectors to connect it to a victron mppt controller and...
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    Ford hi-top camper van with Westfalia interior. Looks well sorted for for the price.
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    1994 Mitsubishi Montero $3500 OC

    Looks like a well sorted truck. I noticed your Craigslist link isn't working. The one below should work though
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    1984 Toyota 4x4 2.4D diesel
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    Fold-able, packable 100w solar panel recommendations?

    In case there are any other Canadians reading this thread with interest... Costco has a good option for us northerners, especially now that it's on sale: It comes with 50ft of cable, which is nice. You don't...
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    WANTED - College Grad Seeking Entry Level Expo Rig.

    This looks like a pretty good deal:
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    WANTED - College Grad Seeking Entry Level Expo Rig.
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    1989 Toyota Pickup - Mild Build; New 22RE Engine

    Nice little truck. I just want to echo that Ryan at Disturbed industries does very good work. The best. If I were in the market, that fact alone would be a selling feature.
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    In car battery box charging

    If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and will be driving long enough to charge your battery with 100w or so, you can use something like this: I rigged that to the rear cigarette outlet in my 4runner...
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    F550 4x4 diesel crew Carrier
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    1993 VW LT45 on Unimog axles Build info here:
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    Wanted- Kamparoo Weekender

    I own one. I like it and am actively using it, but may go in a different direction for next year. I know this doesn't help you now, but if you're still looking if/when I need to sell, we should certainly talk.
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    Wanted- Kamparoo Weekender

    What's your budget?
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    DC to DC Charging

    I am experimenting with a similar set up. The best solution would be to get yourself an inexpensive battery isolator like this: ( and wire yourself in another power point with larger gauge wire. This will solve all your...
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    Plugging AC battery charger into my inverter. Good idea or not?

    Thanks for the input everyone. I did some testing this afternoon and came to the conclusion that this not an ideal solution. The ideal solution would be a proper dual battery setup, but at this point I have not decided how I want to go about that. I could go the under-hood route, or build a...
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    Plugging AC battery charger into my inverter. Good idea or not?

    I'll get right to the point: I'm departing on a month long trip soon, and will need a way to recharge my deep cycle. Would it work to bring my home charger, plug it into my inverter, which is then plugged into a cigarette lighter outlet? (drawing from my truck battery). This would only be done...