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    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    I have to agree with others who have Kodiak Canvas. The flexbow is a neat design I have the 10x10 and I can set it up alone in about 15min. Good quality and quite heavy. Sportsman's Warehouse has some in stock I believe? I just recommended them to a buddy of mine.
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    09/10 5.4 f150 vs 11-13 5.0 f150

    I owned a jellybean F-150 with the 5.4 and it never gave me trouble. Currently have a '12 XLT Supercrew with the 5.0. The new(er) truck has such a great interior layout with the flat floor in the back. I love it. As far as the motor the 5.0 is very solid as far as I can tell, I'm at 140k with...
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    Anyone hiked the Colorado Trail?

    Cool thank you for that. I got caught out on the water in Florida a few times and it put lightning in the front of my mind. In the boat it was easier to stay away from than when we'd kayak.
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    Anyone hiked the Colorado Trail?

    What about lightning? That's one thing that makes me a little nervous, being exposed and having a storm roll in on me.
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    Anyone hiked the Colorado Trail?

    Thanks for the graphic! Man there are some high stretches! I live at about 4400ft and I generally do well at high elevations. It's nice to get out of the heat in the summer, one month walking in the mountains sounds like a dream. I have a buddy who's always bugging me to go ride MTB with him we...
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    Anyone hiked the Colorado Trail?

    I have always wanted to walk for a long period. Appalachian Trail being the first long hike I was curious about. I read Bill Bryson's book years ago and got the bug. I live in the west and love the west so CDT is my ultimate. I'd also love to do PCT. I guess seeing it on paper I really want to...
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    Southeast US - Anyone?
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    Southeast US - Anyone?

    I remember a great write-up about North Georgia not too long ago. I can't remember the gentleman's username but I do remember @rockmidgetphotography ?
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    Tent Bed Options for Sleeping Together

    I bought a piece of 2" foam from a local upholstery shop and cut it to fit the bottom of our ground tent. I put a couple camping pads under it for a moisture barrier and we're good to go. When we move sites the wife and I just roll the whole thing up sheets, blankets and all and unroll it at the...
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    We Explore Clear Lake near Silverton, CO

    That was the first road my wife drove on our '17 trip to that area! Incredible country.
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    Cabezon Peak, NM

    Beautiful scenery. Truly a Land of Enchantment.
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    Our trip to Deadhorse Alaska

    What a great report! When I lived in Alaska the farthest north I went was Fairbanks but I have always wanted to make it up to the Arctic Ocean. Glad you both made it back safely to El Chuco.
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    2019 Ford Ranger Taking Orders

    I have learned to love my old Ranger. It was really rough compared to my '10 Tacoma and I was suspicious at first to buy a 25 year old truck. I knew the only owner though (my barber) so I pulled the trigger. It has 189,000 miles and still runs like a top. No rattles inside. Very solid pickup and...
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    Why I like all trucks

    I have a patient whose husband is a Tesla mechanic and he covers unreal ground getting to people's homes for service. If it's more than he can do at their house he hauls it for them to one of the Tesla shops and then brings it back when it's done. (He's got a Super Duty service body work truck)...
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    Texas Backroad Borders

    Big Bend Ranch State Park is epic! There are enough trails and dirt roads to keep you busy for a long time... As for The Guadalupe mountains you might check out the NMBDR page, that actually starts in Dell City Texas.
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    Telescoping tube/assembly for raising and lowering awning

    I have a couple of the Cabela's poles Weeds posted and they are freakin' sturdy! I would give them a shot first for the price...
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    Thoughts/Input on GM engines appreciated

    That's what I'm talkin' about!
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    Thoughts/Input on GM engines appreciated

    I'm sure it will find a good home! I need a truck though, don't think my bike would fit in the back...
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    Thoughts/Input on GM engines appreciated

    My current daily driver is a 92 Ranger with the 3.0 V6. My wife drives an 04 Lexus LS. My toy is an '87 Kawasaki 1000 that I've had for 14 years now. I'm liking the sound of the older less complicated models! I'm not opposed to buying something older. Maybe I can find a nice Grandpa truck like I...