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    Down2Mob 2020 Jeep Gladiator For Sale - One of a Kind Custom Composite Flatbed Pop Top Camper with Dana 60's and 40" tires

    So you’re making the rumor you told the weekend of the MLO event/ camping at Mark and Teresa’s true! Does Amanda’s van count as a cabover truck? :LOL:
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    Name/Label for truck TOPPER vs Slide-in

    I describe my Snap as a "topper-camper"
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    Canopy Camper cap/tents

    Your concerns are legitimate. It also kind of boils down to personal preference, to a large degree, which as you stated, can devolve the conversation into a p!$$ing match. After much looking at the various plethora of brands/ manufacturers out there and where they are located, we decided the...
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    An incident worth talking about. Kinetic Recovery Accident.

    It was emphasized in a High Angle Rescue class I took years ago that 90% of rope failure is due to inadequate edge protection. A line is more easily severed under load than at slack. (But you already knew that)
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    Cotton Clothing?

    This reminds me of a meme I saw awhile ago; Carhart, it‘s like UnderArmor, but for men. :LOL:
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    Dirtbox Overland

    My wife and I are planning to attend that event as well. We have a Snap Treehouse on a Gladiator, if you wanted to check it out.
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    That can be a tough call on the freedom panels. I have an overhead rack in the center and have my comms mounted on the top, so everything is out of the way. I have to remove the freedom panels if I need to access them.
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    Snap Outfitters Treehouse

    Snap Outfitters has changed their name to “Snap Campers”. Mandy said this is something they have considered doing since purchasing the company several years ago. But I digress; back to our regularly scheduled programming… Made some tangible/ visible progress this past weekend. Got the cable...
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    Locker or manual lockout hubs

    Yes, what Mog said. Sounds like your question is conflating two separate features.
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    I did a brief write-up over on the Gladiator forum on how I did an inside tailgate release that you might find of interest. I’ll put the link rather than clutter up your thread :)
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    An incident worth talking about. Kinetic Recovery Accident.

    Sounds like you have no doubt seen the deck\ line safety videos we were shown in boot camp. For me that was almost 40 yrs ago, but I can still picture the sailor being interviewed about a line parting incident and him saying he got knocked down and watched his legs roll off the side of the...
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    That 1st to reverse is good if you need to rock the vehicle forward and back to get unstuck. But yeah, new habits will need to be learned. I confuse myself going from the JK 6 speed to the CJ with the “4” speed NP435
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    Snap Outfitters Treehouse

    Snap has posted episode #6 of their build series.
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    Snap Outfitters Treehouse

    I'm a little surprised that for as long as Snap has been around, there's not an existing thread specifically for the Treehouse, so I thought I'd start one! If you have a Treehouse, let's see them! We got ours this past Friday. The first one they've made for the Gladiator! I'll update with...
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    Sold; 2017 Jeep JKU Rubicon w/ Ursa Minor top

    This has been a fantastic platform for us, but we are moving over to a Gladiator with a topper camper. 2017 JKU Rubicon with a J30 and a complete Goose Gear replacement Floor. Vehicle Is in very good condition. Jeep has 81K miles on it. Jeep Exterior color: billet silver Interior color...
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    They’re typically not very drivable afterwards…