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  1. High Country Nomad

    Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide - 4th Edition - SOLD

    Cleaning my desk off, anyone want this book? $45 shipped. It's been read so it's not in Brand New condition.
  2. High Country Nomad

    WTB - Oz Tent RV2 - Colorado

    Thanks. I just need the RV2 as a secondary shelter to go with our truck camper. I believe the RV3,4,5 are all too long to fit inside my FWC Hawk too.
  3. High Country Nomad

    WTB - Oz Tent RV2 - Colorado

    I'm not, but will be in Moab the last week of March. You have an RV2?
  4. High Country Nomad

    WTB - Oz Tent RV2 - Colorado

    This tent has been discontinued, however I think it would make a great guest quarters for my truck camper set up. Looking to buy in Colorado between Denver & Moab. I'm located in Granby.
  5. High Country Nomad

    New Baja design LP9 amber cover

    I'll buy these from you.
  6. High Country Nomad

    (SOLD) Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad Long/Wide.

    I just bought this in June for our new 4WC Hawk and it's awesome. but I paid extra for a king slide out in our camper and with the megamat I can't really use the extra cushions that came with it. I'm just going to get a memory foam instead. I'll ship it within the lower 48 for $240. -...
  7. High Country Nomad

    White Knuckle Off Road Sliders -RAM Power Wagon / 2500 / 3500 2014-2018

    I recently bought these from a member, but have decided to not add anymore weight to my truck as I just added a 4WC. The sliders were on the previous owners 2016 Crew Cab Cummins for a year and have a few light scrapes. I purchased the adapter kit for a gas AEV Ram recently but have not even...
  8. High Country Nomad

    ISO - OZ Tent RV2 - Colorado

    Anyone have one they want to part with?
  9. High Country Nomad

    SOLD RakAttach Swingarm for Bike Rack ( Bike rack Swing arm) $325 OBO

    I wish, but it won't work. I have an aluminess bumper on my Ram with a 4WC, the bumper has the spare swing out on the driver side, but nothing on the passenger side. Plus I have the 2 1/2 receiver. Post it on craigslist and I bet someone driving along 70 will snatch it up.
  10. High Country Nomad

    SOLD RakAttach Swingarm for Bike Rack ( Bike rack Swing arm) $325 OBO

    Dang. I need exactly this HD version, but passenger side. I'm not far either. Can you change it around or is it fixed?
  11. High Country Nomad

    For Sale: Aluminess Rear Bumper System for FWD Camper

    Thanks for the message. I just picked up a used Aluminess bumper for my 2017 Ram but it didn't have a box. That's is a nice set up you have and I like the step idea!
  12. High Country Nomad

    WTB - Aluminess Box for Ram Bumper (Colorado)

    Anyone here have 1 for sale within 200 miles of Winter Park?
  13. High Country Nomad

    Supertramp camper

    As of last month the lead time was 11 months. That may have changed after they toured the country.
  14. High Country Nomad

    SOLD 2015 Ram Mega Cab Cummins, 2020 FWC HAWK, Package or Just Camper

    How did you fit 5+ dog in there? I'm considering getting a Hawk Shell for my family of 4 and have no clue how we'll fit.
  15. High Country Nomad

    Aluminess Rear Bumper for Ram 2500-3500 (2010-2018)

    What kind of trailers were you having issues with? I'm still looking to order one of these bumpers, but also plan on buying a 26' travel trailer. Do you think I'll have issues or were your trailers off road in tight situations?
  16. High Country Nomad

    Aluminess Rear Bumper for Ram 2500 Question

    I'm ready to order an Aluminess Rear Bumper for my 2017 Ram 2500. I currently run Falken Wildpeak AT3W that are a bit smaller than a 37" I called Aluminess and they told me their rear bumper will only hold a 35". I've found pictures online with 37" and the gear box, but no comments on forums...