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  1. Greenbarn

    PNW custom articulating flatbed builders

    I would reach out to these guys in Victoria. I don’t know them but I have been following their work ant it is very interesting.
  2. Greenbarn

    2014 FG hard starting

    I thought the battery was going in our 2010 then in a heat wave the starter went. We got one jump of the solenoid and it died completely.
  3. Greenbarn

    Buckstopper's FG Build

    Love this build! It’s Dan VanIsland Fuso, I came to see you at Overland Expo PNW and every time I stopped by you were out. I hope the sale goes well.
  4. Greenbarn

    Fuse “Socket/Holder” 2010

    I’m not sure I bought a used unit online and it had the same issue.
  5. Greenbarn

    Fuse “Socket/Holder” 2010

    Have the truck with the Electical Specialist and there is corrosion in the low voltage fuse box. Any electrical wizards known a part number or if the fuse sockets are are available? He is not having any luck with Mitsubishi. I hoping it is not proprietary. Thanks
  6. Greenbarn


    Not mine, could be an interesting project for someone $30 000.00 CDN about $24 000.00 US
  7. Greenbarn

    Relay Box Diagram 2010 FG140

    I am hoping some one can direct me to a diagram of the Relay box behind the glove box. I have the service manual and can not find it. Thank you.
  8. Greenbarn

    Tuning a fuso any experience with

    Just thought I would add my experiance. I had the option to have the ECU remapped locally but was more comfortable working with someone who had Fuso experience. Cameron connected me with Markus and it was a very good experience. I am extremely happy with the results. It threw a code on our...
  9. Greenbarn

    Turbo Replacement 2010 FG 140 bad actuator

    I spent some time with Google after making this post and am feeling a bit more optimistic but late Friday is no time to be making these calls. Most suppliers are out of the US and are hoping to have actuators in stock next week. Found a company in Vancouver "ADP Distribution" with branches in...
  10. Greenbarn

    Turbo Replacement 2010 FG 140 bad actuator

    My thinking exactly, I have contacted a few shops in Vancouver but I have no experience with aftermarket turbos for these engines don't even know if it is a thing. The Fuso electronics make things challenging.
  11. Greenbarn

    Turbo Replacement 2010 FG 140 bad actuator

    Mine is about 170 km and I thought that was early for a turbo problem. If you have a contact # for parts please message me. Thanks Dan
  12. Greenbarn

    Turbo Replacement 2010 FG 140 bad actuator

    We hoped it was just the actuator but apparently Mitsubishi Canada only sells it as a full assembly. I am hoping that someone may know of a less expensive alternative. Part # ME227579 $3902.45 CDN. I am about to spend some time with Google but thought I would post here first to see anyone here...
  13. Greenbarn

    what wood to install between frame and deck?

    Most building supplies in our area (Vancouver Island) sell flat deck material. It is tung and groove fir. I sealed the bottom with por15 an the top with Sikens SRD and inset tracks.
  14. Greenbarn

    Nicaragua Unimog

    We fly to Nicaragua each spring so I keep an eye on Encuentra24. Not sure about the importing but interesting.
  15. Greenbarn

    Subframe fabricators in southwestern US?

    My recommendation is to do as much research as you can and take it to a small independent fabricator. There are very few people with experience with these subframes but they are not rocket science. I am only comfortable when I have seen lots of their previous work and when they value their...
  16. Greenbarn

    FGs for sale

    I have no association, I saw this posted in a Facebook group.
  17. Greenbarn

    Mitsu Fuso Camper examples

    I thought I would share our truck it has been a work in progress for the past 8 months. I bought the truck as a cab and chassis, build the flat deck, and bought the camper from someone who sold their truck. Easter weekend was the maiden voyage to Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island about 2 hours...
  18. Greenbarn

    Custom underbody boxes

    I bought the buyers boxes because they were fast and easy but the quality is not great. I have not seen these in person but it is an interesting idea.
  19. Greenbarn

    Insurance!....found a new outfit....

    How did your claim resolve? Is this why you are looking for a new insurance company?
  20. Greenbarn

    Flat Deck Design Considerations

    I thought I should post an update making slow and steady progress.