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  1. fritz

    Econoline roof fairing?
  2. fritz


    Thanks for the info. Any issues with them in the rain or wind?
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    I am looking at a BunduTop RTT. Does anyone have any experience and/or thoughts on them? Thank You.
  4. fritz

    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    A piece of scotch bright pad in the outside end of the vent line
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    Ford 7.3L Godzilla Swap!

    Awesome and good luck. I had a 2020 F250 with the 7.3 Godzilla. Impressive engine that I sure do miss.
  6. fritz

    Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions

    Thank You for all of your work on this project. Wishing you the best as you move forward and hope you will post updates on the new projects here.
  7. fritz

    Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions

    “Expovans Transit 4x4 Update ( April 2022)- we have decided to limit the number of conversions to the parts we have on hand” Bummer news. How many vans can be converted with your ”on hand” parts?
  8. fritz

    HAMBO build thread

    Have really enjoyed reading through your build thread- again. Nice job. Still happy with the 6.0? Did you install the Kenworth seat? If so how does it fit?
  9. fritz

    My 4x4 Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures

    Have really enjoyed reading your build thread. Thanks for posting and great job so far.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Not Mine. 1999 FORD E350 XLT SD For Sale In North Hills, California, Quigley 4x4, V-10, 60000 miles, $32,900.
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    Hambo aluminum poptop

    Nice work. Thanks for posting your projects
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    Another DIY truck camper

    Really nice job on your build. Congratulations.
  13. fritz

    Overlanding project lab

    Nice job on the build. How bout some pics of the top popped.
  14. fritz

    Anyone know of a BunduTec BunduTop in AZ

    Regarding a Bundutop RTT. I am also interested in them and am curious what issues you have heard about that are concerning? Thanks
  15. fritz

    Custom Built Micro Camper on '98 Tacoma

    Nice job on the build and videos. Waiting for part 7!!
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    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    I just "downsized" from a F350 Crewcab long bed and can attest that it sucked to navigate and park anywhere. Now have a F250 Supercab long bed and while its better I wish I had gone with a Supercab short bed. The superduty Ford short bed is 6'9" long, plenty long enough for a camper.
  17. fritz

    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    Any plans for a F250/F350 long bed (8’) model?
  18. fritz

    SOLD 2002 F350 7.3 Lariat Crew Long bed 157,000 miles and Grandby Camper $30,000 Willing to split!

    Thanks. Still dont see it in his signature maybe cause Im reading this on my phone.
  19. fritz

    Flippac camper - Full size longbed (8') - SOLD

    Yes- I do. Just sent you a PM requesting to see your video. Thanks Neil