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  1. yabanja

    Diving in Head First!

    I am going to have to agree with the above comment. Order your springs last after everything else is finished and you have been weighed fully loaded. Getting weighed is simple. many petrol stations have scales as do landfills and interstate truck stations. I have used all three. Sent from my...
  2. yabanja

    Clunking on acceleration

    Late to the party here. Sorry to hear about your misfortune!! Mexico would be a much nicer place to be than a shop!! Transmission failures are common. I know of at least four others. I am running redline MTF as I have said elsewhere on this forum. Strongly recommend it. Good luck with...
  3. yabanja

    Wheel spacers on medium duty trucks

    Wheel spacers can be quite dangerous. In car racing the only way I will use them is if they are hub centric on both the car and the wheel, and the studs are extra long and go through the spacer and the wheel to be bolted together by the lug nuts. That having been said. The extreme offset of...
  4. yabanja

    2007 Fuso FG clutch question

    Tom's Truck Center in Santa Ana California
  5. yabanja

    Diving in Head First!

    After 350 miles of low range work in Southern Utah over the last month I can highly recommend the Alcan springs with the Bronze bushings. Only thing I would have done differently is add a few degrees of castor for better freeway straight line stability. Very happy. Allan
  6. yabanja

    Fuso shop in San Diego?

    It is a bit far but the consensus is Tom's Truck Center in Santa Ana is one of the best shops in the country for our trucks. Also great for parts. Allan
  7. yabanja

    Fg649 gearbox heat issues

    I am running Redline MTF Synthetic transmission oil. I do a lot of High Speed Long distance freeway driving as well as low range work off road. It has worked well for me thus far.
  8. yabanja

    4d34 turbo advice needed

    Hey Everyone! How about digging up a dead thread!!! I just spent a splendid month off road in Fido in Southern Utah with several earthcruisers. A good time was had by all. Towards the end of the trip, I started noticing a bell ringing noise just off idle when cold. Pulled the charge...
  9. yabanja

    Diving in Head First!

    I am heading out for a month in Southern Utah and hence Fido is getting a bit of work done so time for an update. We purchased a starlink last year so Sakshi could work remotely. We are very pleased with it. In order to facilitate it's use I bought a second Renogy 100 amp hour battery and an...
  10. yabanja

    Looking for an Engineer in the Perth area

    Hi all. I am looking for an engineer who is familiar with Canters in the greater Perth area. Allan
  11. yabanja

    Anyone around that can do a purchase inspection in Victoria/Mallacoota area?

    We are in Perth WA. Found a truck out in Vic that I am interested in. Allan
  12. yabanja

    Anyone around that can do a purchase inspection in Victoria/Mallacoota area?

    Sorry for the late response. Have been getting our feet under us here in Perth. We are permanent residents and intend to get an aus. heavy license. Thank you for the information and the links! Neither of these trucks is what I am looking for. I am after something a little more like Fido...
  13. yabanja

    WTB Fuso Camper in the Perth area

    I am looking for a Fuso Camper in the Perth Area. What have you got? Allan
  14. yabanja

    Anyone around that can do a purchase inspection in Victoria/Mallacoota area?

    Hello folks! Wondering if there are any members that could take a cursory look at a FG camper in the Victoria,Aus area? Thank you! Allan
  15. yabanja

    Sway bar on an fg

    As far as I know no one has adopted one yet. I think Timbren Bump stops are generally considered a viable alternative while retaining articulation. Allan
  16. yabanja

    Is anyone here from Perth?

    Curtin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. yabanja

    Is anyone here from Perth?

    I know, right? I always envisioned coming for a year long trip, but this is unexpected. Exciting though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. yabanja

    Is anyone here from Perth?

    The wife is in negotiation for a Professors position at the University in Perth. There is a strong possibility we will be relocating there. I don’t think Fido is coming with[emoji3525]. Probably will be in the market for something comparable. Mostly wondering if there will be anyone to join us...
  19. yabanja

    37's vs 40's for Fuso FG Build

    That is exactly what I did! Initially I picked up a set of used 37's to try them out. I use stainless steel balance beads. They work very well. Allan