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  1. BDRXO

    2015 AT Overland Flatbed Motorcycle Trailer

    Bed dimensions are 50.5" W x 110" L measured between the inside of the aircraft track (so not counting the surface areas in front & behind the fenders or the nose box and storage area behind the nose box
  2. BDRXO

    2015 AT Overland Flatbed Motorcycle Trailer

    Nice looking trailer. Will DM you
  3. BDRXO

    2015 AT Overland Flatbed Motorcycle Trailer

    Yep, in Sacramento. Trailer tows don't know it's there. What's the scoop on this trailer of yours? Send me a link? I'm looking for an enclosed trailer for track days
  4. BDRXO

    2015 AT Overland Flatbed Motorcycle Trailer

    I would consider trades + / - cash for an enclosed trailer to haul track bikes or an off road camper trailer
  5. BDRXO

    2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy w/ Hercules Alucab Roof Conversion** Updated

    Land Cruiser porn right there. Such a shame these can't be legally imported to the US. :-(
  6. BDRXO

    2015 AT Overland Flatbed Motorcycle Trailer

    For some reason I'm getting an error when trying to post more pics, so if you are interested and want more detailed pics, PM me and I'll send them to you
  7. BDRXO

    2015 AT Overland Flatbed Motorcycle Trailer

    AT Overland Flatbed 2015 Adventure TB7 VIN: 1A9FU1515FP653367 I’m changing up my gear line-up, so have decided to part with my beloved AT Overland Flatbed Moto trailer. Only a small handful of these were built by Mario at AT Overland between 2012-2015, so they are extremely hard to find. 2″...
  8. BDRXO

    For Sale - 1997 Mitsubishi Canter 4X4 - $35K CAD ($25K USD)

    I want someone to buy this and do a make-over show on it. Such a unique and perfect configuration. Screaming deal for someone with the time and inclination to give this the TLC it deserves. GLWS!
  9. BDRXO

    1984 BJ Toyota Land Cruiser Camper Overlander

    I totally remember this rig. The Swiss dude who brought it into the US back in about 2002 stayed at my house while Gary was fixing it. I was the one who introduced him to Mudrak. Pretty sure it leaked then too! haha!
  10. BDRXO

    Hippy Shack

    That things is just love. Steal of a deal for a dirty footed hippy!
  11. BDRXO

    2017 ALUCAB KHAYA 0002 **SOLD**

    Was this the prototype that was the first one OK4WD got back in 2017? I saw it back then on Rin's Tacoma....looks like it. $12k is a great deal....GLWS!
  12. BDRXO

    Goose Gear Full Seat Delete - 3rd Gen Tacoma

    Back up for sale and lowered price for a quick sale.
  13. BDRXO

    SOLD: Ford F150 w/ GFC camper build

    super clean build, very nice. are you keeping dust / water out of the camper interior?
  14. BDRXO

    Ultimate 3rd Point Mount for Alu-Cab Khaya Camper

    Yes...this is universal and would work with any truck