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  1. Sleam

    SOLD used Autohome Maggiolina Airtop size small $1000 obo, Albuquerque, NM - SOLD

    Me too. Id take it for sure if the others don't. I live in my van and want to add a rtt. Up in Madrid so i can drive down anytime. Thanks.
  2. Sleam

    02 E350LB hightop Quiqley 4x4, V10 low milage.$43K

    Lovely rig. I wish I could get financing for something like this. It's a dream vehicle for me. Good luck.
  3. Sleam

    Any 2wd vans on the roads to Patagonia?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for inspiration! Are you heading through North, Central and South America in a 2wd van? Know of anyone who has? Can you share their links please? I'm living in a 2003 dodge b1500 van, converted very simply. Two dogs, one human, no plans. We've done 52,450 miles across...
  4. Sleam

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    Bahia de los Angeles, BC. I loved staying there...although that was before getting towed to Guerrero Negro. Set up with a group, the Baja Tour with Frank L. They took me in when I got sick, helped me find a tow truck, hung out together over coffee and snorkelled. Definitely bring your snorkel...
  5. Sleam

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    with the dogs, it's a matter of timing. Go out before too hot. Park in the shade, good ventilation in the van with screens on open doors and windows so they can't get out. I learned that the young one is very protective of the van so she scares off anyone coming to check it out. I tend not to...
  6. Sleam

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    Mulege, one of my favorites. Kayaking along the river, local brewery, great tortillas, friendly local conversations.
  7. Sleam

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    On the way to Bahia de Los Angeles and getting a trailer to take us to Futema, mechanic in GN.
  8. Sleam

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    I thought I'd catch you up on the last 2 months driving through #baja on my own in an old conversion van. I'll add photos to start but will add info later on routes and beaches found. Oh, and my radiator died at Coco's Corner, limped it to Bahia de Los Angeles then towed to Guerrero negro.
  9. Sleam

    1983 E350 Vanbulance $13k OBO *SOLD*

    Love it, wish i was there. I'd find you if not in baja. Email me if you have it in March. Good luck. Here's what i have but can't stand up in. 2003 dodge b1500 van. It's driving me crazy! Gone everywhere but...
  10. Sleam

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Hi, anyone seen high top vans set up for camping/living under $30K? I need to be able to stand up inside, can't live in my 2003 B1500 for much longer. Any thoughts? G-20? G-30? Ford? Thanks for any links you see!
  11. Sleam

    WTB Camper Van with room to stand up inside!

    Hi there, I am on the look out for a van to live and travel in. I wander around the US and soon to Mexico with two dogs, kayak, mountain bike and a DR200 on a hitch mount rack. Good clearance although I probably can't afford 4x4 even though I'm used to having that. Basic inside is fine, bed...
  12. Sleam

    Dodge b1500 van upgrades

    I'm all about keeping it simple and low costs. Ive travelled all over the southwest, northeast and northwest in this van, usually with 2 to 3 pets. Its a 2003 2wd . That said, it's great AND I'd like to make it better! Any links or ideas for any of these? Gutter mounts for an awning? 2inch...
  13. Sleam

    1997 Airstream B190 4x4 for sale

    Yeah, sweet, a dream vehicle for me. Says sale is pending. Still interested though.
  14. Sleam

    WTB Arb awning 6ft

    Does anyone have an ARB 6ft long awning for sale near NM? I'm looking to get one for my van. Thanks, S
  15. Sleam

    *Sold* - 2007 Ford RB E350 Sportsmobile Diesel 4x4

    Love the simplicity. My dream vehicle for sure. I have my home on the market so we'll see!
  16. Sleam

    1999 Dodge with penthouse top

    Bad link
  17. Sleam

    1972 Series III in NM $19,500 obo

    On consignment in Santa Fe is my workhorse. All mechanical work done, ready for trips anywhere. All the details and photos here, Contact Thanks, s