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  1. jeepmedic46

    Canon Zoom lense

    Unfortunately my budget is low as working on my Cherokee. I found on Amazon a Canon EF 75-300 F4 - 5.6 telephoto zoom lens. It says it’s for SLR cameras. Would this work on mine where it’s a EOS camera? This lens is only 200 dollars.
  2. jeepmedic46

    Hemi Wrangler or Gladiator or both?

    Do we need a 400 plus horsepower Jeep? What will be next the Hellcat in a Jeep? I thought you needed good gas mileage for Overlanding not less.
  3. jeepmedic46


    I've heard old Man Emu products are good. I haven't seen them on any of the companies I've looked at.
  4. jeepmedic46

    Wide hiking boots

    Thank you, Those look like they might work. I haven't bought anything from Galls in a while since i stopped working as a Paramedic. They've always had good stuff.
  5. jeepmedic46


    I looked at the Rancho 5000s as I've had them in the past. For some reason they don't have shocks that fit the 4.5" lift. What about Skyjacker? Are they a good shock?
  6. jeepmedic46


    I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.5" Rough Country Lift. I need new shocks and am looking for recomendations and what is the height of the shock i need. I don't need a shock with a reservoir or a adjustable shock. Need a shock that won't break the bank.
  7. jeepmedic46

    Canon Zoom lense

    Having trouble finding a Zoom lense for my Canon Eos dslr Rebel. Looking for a 70-200mm and am having trouble finding one. I’ve looked on Amazon and KEH without being able to find anything.
  8. jeepmedic46

    Diff covers

    My Diff covers on my 2000 XJ are looking worse for wear. Thinking of replacing them. I have a D30 up front and a D35 in the rear. Should I replace them with oem or something stronger? I don’t do any rock crawling with the Jeep.
  9. jeepmedic46

    Mac book vs iPad 12 pro

    Trying to decide which is better for a beginner photographer. The iPad 12 pro is more portable then the Mac book. But the Mac book has more potential. Looking for something I can grow into as my skills improve.
  10. jeepmedic46

    Any full-size Broncos around here?

    Nice looking rig, Looking foreword to seeing what you do with it.
  11. jeepmedic46

    Wide hiking boots

    Hoping to lose the weight that I gained thru being inactive. I will check out whites Boots. Tough to hike in sneakers. Bad enough I use a cane as well.
  12. jeepmedic46

    Wide hiking boots

    Thank you, I had looked at Merrell but will check that boot out. I currently am wearing New Balance Sneakers. They fit well.
  13. jeepmedic46

    Wide hiking boots

    Trying to get out more after my neck and back surgery. I didn’t leave the house and lived in a darkened room for over a year due to a closed head injury caused by a fall. I gained a lot of weight and now am going to try and hike and hopefully will lose weight to help with the pain in my back. My...
  14. jeepmedic46

    Mopar winter wheels

    I saw a video with Dan Grec where he mentioned that he has the Mopar winter wheels on his Jeep. I was wondering if anyone had these wheels on their Jeep. Thinking of putting them on my XJ.
  15. jeepmedic46

    Australian Swag

    Not sure if this is the right place for this. I was wondering if anyone has slept in a swag? Trying to decide which is better to try and set up a sleeping system in the XJ or use something like the Australian Swag.
  16. jeepmedic46

    To much lift

    I don’t dislike the lift. I know it’s how you drive the vehicle and pick the right track. I see some people have enough lift to run 35, 37 and 40” tires. Not looking to do any rock crawling. Probably will check out Maine and Vermont’s non paved roads.
  17. jeepmedic46

    To much lift

    I have a 2000 Jeep XJ with a Rough Country 4.5” lift. My question is I’ve been watching some you tube videos and they seem to do overlanding with a stock vehicle. I’m running 32” BFG M/T. The Jeep came with the lift and a winch bumper. Eventually want to put a rtt on after I get everything...
  18. jeepmedic46

    My 1999 XJ build thread

    Nice looking XJ. I have a 2000 I’m starting to work on. Looking foreword to see what you do with your motor. Will it be street legal. I may decide to do something similar but my Jeep is a daily driver.
  19. jeepmedic46

    Transfer case linkage

    My 2000 Jeep Cherokee needs new transfer case linkage. The old linkage has fallen apart looking for ideas for new linkage. The transfer case is a NP 231. I’ve heard Azzy’s design is good.