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  1. J

    Gazelle Tent or Kodiak Canvas?

    actually the springbar and kodiak are both copies of an old coleman tent
  2. J

    Is there an easy way to create and edit gpx files

    I second this. CalTopo rox spots for free.
  3. J

    Android and Ham Radio

    Did you set the PTT style to multiplex and adjust the radio's output volume with the mobilinkd config app? I've noticed mine won't receive anything with the whip antenna if it's indoors. When I connect it to my roll-up J-pole or take it outside, I start getting stuff.
  4. J

    Android and Ham Radio

    I just picked up one of these to set up my HTT to do APRS on my motorcycle: I'm still waiting for a password for APRSDroid but it looks pretty slick. It's tiny, has bluetooth and its battery is supposedly good for up to 48hrs of operation.
  5. J

    Solar power with the bike?

    Me too. I have my plug zip-tied to the handlebars of my KLR. I also have a battery bank I charge on it that will charge my phone about 4 times.
  6. J

    Which Gen III Montero?

    Thanks for the info. I wondered if the 5spd trans might be less robust than the 4 but that doesn't seem to be the case. I also like the idea of less quirks with the 3.8. I think I'll hold out for that combo.
  7. J

    Which Gen III Montero?

    yeah, I saw a bunch about power, etc but I was thinking more about reliability and longevity
  8. J

    Which Gen III Montero?

    I'm getting ready to buy a Gen III Montero and I was wondering how the 3.5 and the 4spd compared to the 3.8 and the 5spd auto